Training for a Career as a Computer Support Tech

Training for a Career as a Computer Support Tech

The demand for computer support techs is continuously growing, due to the business needs of manufactures that produce hardware configurations, PCI-based peripheral, new software applications and modems. Students interested in computer support education can gain more knowledge and understanding of the subject matter by enrolling in a computer support course online or at their local college.

Training and Education Requirements

Computer support education provides students with the fundamentals of peripheral and software configurations along with computer operation systems’ specific functions. Students taking computer support courses are taught computer repair and service that may include but are not limited to the following areas: networking, operating system trouble shooting, knowledge of basic computer components, hardware diagnostics, installation of software and more.

Many organizations require that an entry level computer support techs possess a bachelor’s degree in information systems or computer science. While others may require you to possess an associate’s degree in a computer field or a certificate of completion in computer support courses, technology and software. Students interested in a 2-year degree can visit a community college or vocational school, while students pursuing 4-year degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Information Systems can enroll in either an online universities or traditional university.

Responsibilities of a computer support tech professional include:

– Installation, configuration and removal of data and software

– Handle inquiries from end-users of all ages, languages and physical ability

– Provide step by step instructions to end-users in order to diagnosis and resolve problem

– Troubleshoot problems with computer systems, software and hardware

– Evaluate the effectiveness of software programs

– Recommend necessary upgrades while monitoring computer systems Service can be provided on –site via telephone or electronic communication

Compensation for Computer Support Tech Professionals

A computer support tech professional’s salary can range based upon their educational background, experience and geographical location.

The salary ranges from $ 20,000-$ 68,720 or more annually. How much a person makes in their position depends upon a number of factors including geographic location, experience level, education level, the type of company employing you, etc. As with any profession, no salary is ever guaranteed.

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