The Truth About Android & Viruses

I had to make this video because for too long people have been fear mongered into believing that Android’s get virus. While there are viruses out there, ther…
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Finding heavenly software to clean the viruses of our hearts

09/22/2008 Fenton, MI, USA Series: MSH – Ramadan 2008.
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25 thoughts on “The Truth About Android & Viruses”

  1. My android tablet used to last 18 hours now its down to a little over 5
    hours and the battery dies fast and its runs not as fast anymore what
    should I do and what does it mean 

  2. i have found what apears to be what is called Tapesnake the notification
    window claims it is a trojan. i have no idea if this is merely scareware or
    a real virus

  3. Just had to restore my galaxy S4 because of a serious virus rendering the
    phone useless. Stock android used. No root etc! 

  4. Wow great video I had lookout and they were all like do you like this app
    and all of that stuff. Now I want to scream at them NO!

  5. Good to know you are very unlikely to get a virus but what abt malware. are
    they substitute keyboard apps that can log what you type like bank
    passwords etc?

  6. My tablet is extremely slow. Whenevr i click the description on youtube my
    screen goes blank and it brings me back to my home screen?

  7. my brother gave me his samsung tablet and the other day 2 messages
    popped up saying i have viruses that cause the batterie charge to run out
    . i havent been on it long so i cant tell how long a full charge will
    last but today on it for maybe 2 hourds and charge dropped to almosyt
    1/2 can you help 

  8. I. Downloaded a app and it messed up some stuff so i tried to go to file
    manager and dekete and it crashed i turned my asus of and back on it still
    crashed what is ut? What can be done about it pls help

  9. Help my phone says I have a viruse and I barely got it I downloaded this
    music application and I opened it and I searched a song and its said ad
    yahoo detected a viruse 

  10. Mcafee is better I got a virus on my tablet and it reproduced it self 60
    times nothing picketed it up apart from mcafee

  11. I was also on the internet and i experience to same thing as bob jones
    where they said there was a tapsnake virius

  12. my alcatel one touch magic phone storage decreasing when im opening a
    gallary or playing games but the worst part when im opening my gallery the
    phone storage decreasing big what should i do?
    coz i have in my mind that my phone storage decreasing because of running
    apps is that true ?
    and normal to an alcatel one touch magic?
    plss reply i want to know if thats a problem what should i do???

  13. Thank you, you kind of relieved my worries but I was looking at quotes on
    Google Images and all of a sudden I saw a tab pop up. I was on Chrome.
    Anyways, no clicked on the tab and a pop-up told me this,”Your android
    tablet has a trojan. Press okay to clean it.” So I did and my tablet
    (Hisense Sero 7 Pro) has been terribly lagging since then. Its powered off
    two times with more that 50% the first time, and the second time it was
    charging! I’m really worried. I lost my iPod to jailbreak and I don’t want
    to lose my tablet. Please help me!!!

  14. Can anyone help me im not sure its very serious but everytime I click on
    one of my games it will load up another game and when I close that the game
    that I originally clicked on loads up
    Samsung galaxy s2

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