25 thoughts on “The Breakdown of a Fake AV Scammer”

  1. ( #scammers ) Fake AV scammers meet their match with a call to a security
    vendor who takes them for a ride… then records it. I’ve been getting a
    few calls from an Arjuuna security or whatnot lately, perhaps I should try
    the same. Right now, I just toy with them till they hang up in frustration.
    I figure at some point, they will blacklist my number instead of me having
    to do anything…

  2. I’ve had a couple of scam phone calls from people trying to convince me
    that me computer has been hacked. Once I managed to keep them going for
    over twenty minutes, even though their instructions to demonstrate the
    problems weren’t working on my Linux computer. What I really wanted was a
    VM with Windows so that I could see what they would try and do to it;
    here’s someone who was able to do this, and record what happened.

  3. If you are a #Windows user be aware that there is a #virus #scam going
    around by people claiming to be #Microsoft technicians. Here is a video of
    what they do to your system when you refuse to pay them to “fix” your
    “infected” computer.

  4. I’ve gone through this same phone call, and it can be fun for the first 30
    minutes while trying to get them to explain things. I played dumb saying
    that the LogMeIn page wasn’t coming up, and they sent me to two other
    remote services.
    After a while, it just gets boring.

  5. A great piece on turning the tables on a “social engineer” trying to
    manipulate an AV subscription out of an unsuspecting user…

  6. If you look in the dictionary under *chutzpah*, the photo shows rows of
    people in a Bangalore call center, all saying *”Hello, I’m calling from
    Windows. I need to help you with your computer.”*

    I got several of these calls a year ago. When I explained that I’m a
    software developer, and that Microsoft doesn’t phone Windows users, he
    called me a naughty name and slammed down the phone.


    One of the commenters to this article posted this session captured by a
    computer security expert when one of the scammers happened to call him at

    The Breakdown of a Fake AV Scammer

  7. I don’t think I know anyone in my circles who would fall for this…I think
    it more likely you’ll laugh.

    (ht slashdot)

  8. Ever had a call from a scammer purporting to be a computer support person
    and saying your computer is infected? Watch this until the end…

  9. I hate those fake Microsoft malware guys that call. If I have time I tell
    them I don’t have a Windows computer if I don’t have time I just hang up on
    them and block the number, if they had a number to block. This is much
    better though.

  10. This is great. A scammer is caught trying to scam an advanced user and he
    allows them to attack a virtual machine. Unfortunately, this attack will be
    successful on less advanced users.

  11. For all of you not technically inclined. This is a valid attack that can
    happen to you. Watch this video to be a little more informed as to when red
    flags should be going up.

  12. Good example of scammers messing with a PC. Never let anyone else have
    remote control of your PC unless you know them very well.

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