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Watch Put Your Android Malicious Programs

Watch Put Your Android Malicious Programs

Reported that the Android platform, 400% increase in malicious programs


Juniper Networks today announced the report of the potential threat of mobile platforms, reveals Android should be alarming growth of malicious software status, Android system has become the largest distribution platform for mobile malware, malicious applications within just one year increased by 400%. The study also found that business and consumer mobile devices are facing security threats, including the Wi-Fi targeted attacks.


Although Android is not the only threat of malicious software, mobile platform, but it must be the most obvious one.

As the leader in the next-generation mobile PC, andriod Tablet PC is the pioneer in the mobile Internet, Surfing internet, playing games, watching movies and even for business usage, andriod Tablet can be implemented on a portable tablet PC. No matter Android platform or Apple iPAD, they staged the flat boom in 2010. With almost the same features as the netbook, but also as portable as cell phones, tablet PCs will continue to perform it’s leading role in the mobile Internet era in 2011. However, due to increased competition between manufacturers, many manufacturers have not thought crafted on the product, but introduce a given model to compete with rivals hastyly. For example, Tablet PC larger than 10 inches or less than 4-inch, which seems to deviate from the Tablet PC’s own development track. Between the Android tablet and the Android smart phone, only  the “Call” function are different, the others exactly the same, for the consumer, how would you choose?

The study also explained the risks from the SMS, the most commonly used as a mobile phone communication, text messaging in the next few years will continue to play an important role, but highly intelligent machine messages deceptive Trojan horse also appeared in 17% growth Survey 20% of youth had admitted sending inappropriate messages.


As the develpoment of android tablet pc, so many side-effect increade suddently. It is a trend for any kind of some new thing. So in order to protect yourself in case of suffering malicious programs, please put more attentions on these programs. Meanwhile I also want ot say that please wantch out your facebook account and twitter account, because the report also pointed that so many cheating message had emerged just from SMS ways. In the further, we must more carefully about all kinds of messages.

Insider point out that it’s definitely a bad news for android tablets manufacturers. Motorola, Samsung and RIM they know iPad2’s influence but they can’ do nothing about it.