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Virus Removal – Macro And Trojan Horse Viruses

Virus Removal – Macro And Trojan Horse Viruses

If you have experienced some of the issues caused by either of these types of virus you will already have some knowledge of the devastating effect they can have on your PC.

Although each of these viruses has the capability to render your system inoperable in a similar way, the way in which they enter your system is very different.

Macro viruses

“Macros” can be found inside of all spreadsheet, word processor and slide show presentation software applications. There is nothing harmful about a macro itself. A macro is just an action file which automatically carries out program commands. Unfortunately, virus creators have found ways to infect these files and macro viruses are now the most common type of computer virus around today.

Before the birth of the macro virus, in order to create a virus the author would need to be sufficient in complex programming languages such as assembly language, but since the introduction of the macro virus it is now possible to write a simple macro virus using simple macro language commands.

Trojan horse viruses

A Trojan horse virus is a type of program that appears at first glance to be a legitimate and useful program but is in fact harmful to your system. Often found within downloads, this form of virus is usually installed by the user and can cause a variety of security and privacy issues.

As in the case of Macro viruses, Trojan horse viruses must also be executed by running the file in which they are contained. Simply downloading an infected file onto your system will not trigger the Trojan horse to activate.

It is important to remember that no matter what internet security measures you have in place, it is still possible that a virus may find its way onto your system. To fully protect all of your data, it is important to create backups regularly. Many antivirus software programs now include a backup feature which allows you to store copies of your photographs, music and important document files on an online server, allowing you to recover all of your data should the worst happen. If you’re antivirus software does not have this feature included, there are numerous backup services available online for a small fee.

If you think that your system is showing signs of a virus infection then you should talk to a virus removal specialist. Virus removal specialists can often perform many other tasks for you (including spyware removal), all remotely over the Internet, fixing your PC issues in no time at all.

On line virus removal: Get your PC safe from viruses

On line virus removal: Get your PC safe from viruses

Is your PC got affected by the virus? Do you want to keep all your data safe? When it comes to virus removal the first thing that comes to your mind is to take it to the nearest repair center. Once you have taken it there the technicians will tell you that your PC has heavily infected by the virus and that you will be required to pay a very good price for removal of it. At this point of time you actually do not have any alternative and you will have to get it repaired by paying the price they are asking. You will be required to this as you think that there is not other option for you.

Think about having someone that will help you to solve your problem that too with the price that you want to pay. One of the great options for you is to go with on line virus removal services. These on line virus removal services will provide you a package which will include all your computer support requirements.  These service providers have highly skilled as well as knowledgeable technicians to help you out. The bets part of these services is that their services are available for twenty four hours and seven days a week to help you with the virus removal.

You must be wondering as to why on line virus removal services can be better that the local technicians. The online service providers have no time constraints and so you can take the advantage of their services anytime you want. Their main aim is not to get through the problem as soon as possible however they want to reach to the expectation level. They are the ones that have expertise knowledge as well skills to get through the virus removal. But then it is important for you to be wise while you are choosing virus removal services online. The best way to check out whether the service provider you are approaching is reliable or not is to collect all the information and then to compare them with each other. Once you have selected the right company you will be able to get a peace if mind. The best way to search the reliable one is researching properly through online. So what are you waiting for start searching for them today and get relief from virus and whenever you will come across virus in your PC they will be there to help you out.


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Remove Computer Viruses, Worms and Malware Fast

Remove Computer Viruses, Worms and Malware Fast

Are you looking for ways to remove computer viruses, worms and malware fast? These malicious programs are able to spread and infect PCs all over the Internet as many users do not take any precautions against them. To get rid of them, a computer user needs to actively look for ways to deal with them. Any time the system gets connected to the web, there is a high chance that the PC will get infected by spyware, adware or viruses if there are not enough protection tools on the PC.

1. The Different Forms of Malicious Programs You Need to Defend Your System Against Malware and Virus Threats

There are many different types of potentially harmful programs that can infect your PC, and it is important to understand the key differences between each of them so as to know the right tools to use against them. One of the best methods that I have used was to download a piece of high quality antispyware, antivirus protection software.

It is capable of detecting viruses, malware, worms and Trojans and had helped me clean up my computer system before. Most people already have antivirus software installed on their systems, but these are not sufficient to defend against other forms of infections from spyware and adware.

2. What Do You Need to Do to Remove Computer Viruses, Worms and Malware Fast?

Dealing with malicious files and viruses requires specific tools and software that have the detection capability to find and destroy them. Finding them manually one by one is not a good idea because these malware can spread very quickly. Once the system is cleaned of these parasites it will be able to start running like new again.

3. What is the Danger of Not Removing Computer Viruses, Worms and Malware?

By not getting rid of them, they will start consuming a lot of resources like memory which then slows down and worsens the systems’ performance significantly.

Are you looking to Remove Viruses, Worms & Malware from your PC? Don’t do it yet, because the author has found many bad spyware and virus cleaning software on the web. Read the author’s review of the Top 5 Spyware & Virus Removal Software on the market now at http://www.review-best.com/spyware-virus-removal-software.htm first!

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Computer Viruses – How a computer virus from your computer

Computer Viruses – How a computer virus from your computer


Computer viruses infect millions of computers every day. Viruses can destroy data, steal important information, and even a computer completely unusable. When a computer is infected by a virus, it is necessary that the virus be removed as soon as possible.

If a computer is infected by a computer virus the computer must be scanned by antivirus software. If you do not have antivirus software than you can buy some software http://www.norton.com. If you do not want the virus scanning software to buy at this point, you can use a free virus scan which is located at http://www.mcafee.com.

To use the free scan:

Go to http://www.mcafee.com,
Click on home & home office
Under the rubric of free tools (at the bottom of the page), click Scan Now
Click Scan Now (acceptance of user agreement)
The program will download an ActiveX control (make sure they are allowed), click Install when prompted to do so
Make sure C: drive is highlighted and click on scan
If files were found by McAfee for viruses to have go to that location on your hard disk, and delete these files.

If you can not access the internet due to virus or your computer unusable, then other measures can be taken. If the computer is unusable, and you have another hard drive on hand, you can connect the damaged hard drive as a slave drive.

(Consult your computer manual to see where your hard drive is connected, and how your motherboard is set). You’ll drive your unhooking, put another hard drive as the primary drive, and connect the damaged drive as the slave drive (make sure the computer is turned off and unplugged when removing computer components, including sure you are grounded (static electricity destroys computer components)). Once this is done then you might boot, and copy the necessary files to another hard disk. You can also run scans on your slave drive at this point in order to remove the virus from the damaged hard drive.

Another way to remove virus from your computer to use the removal tools at http://www.symantec.com.

If another computer is available (if the virus infected computer unusable), visit http://www.symantec.com
Click the Security Response Tab
You can look for the virus that infected your computer. Once you find out what the virus has infected your computer (look for behavior that displays the virus on your computer), click the Downloads tab
Click Virus Removal Tools
Click on the virus that infected your computer
Follow the instructions on the page to remove virus to remove the virus from the infected computer.

Need help withfixing a slow computer ask a question at wwdn.org

Why Do Viruses Slow Down Computers?

Why Do Viruses Slow Down Computers?
Most people have virus protection installed on their computers. This is a great thing! Many of the virus protection programs around today protect computers against spyware and adware and all other known types of malware as well as viruses. This, too, is a great thing!

The word malware is the quick substitute word for the term “malicious software.” It refers to any type of virus or spyware that can get into your computer. Some years ago, the only kind of malware we had to deal with were computer viruses. The job of a computer virus was always to annoy computer operators to one extent or another.

A Nuisance and a Threat

Some viruses were simply written as jokes. A computer geek may actually write such a script to entertain himself. On the other hand, the purpose of a computer virus may be to kill your computer forever! Even worse the goal of a virus might be to shut down a large network of computers. This would usually be referred to as cyber-terrorism.

Spyware are closely aligned with viruses. The subtle difference is a person who writes a virus is out to do your computer harm. A person who writes spyware is usually out to steal your passwords, banking account numbers and the like. If he does harm to your computer’s operating system while doing so; oh well.

Stealing Your Power

Viruses and spyware slow down computers because they use the computer’s resources to do whatever it is they are doing. They are computer programs. Like all computer programs, some of them run on XP, some on Windows Vista, etc.

Unlike normal programs, they don’t have an icon on your desktop so you can start it up if you chose to. Viruses run on their own terms. You don’t have an option to shut them down either. Many viruses replicate themselves. So, if one computer virus program steals some of your resources, 50 of them, which could be one virus that has replicated itself 50 times, might put you out of business altogether.

Ubiquitous Spyware

I’ve seen spyware make computers unusable as well. Spyware by itself doesn’t replicate itself. However, it is not unheard of to find a spyware-unprotected PC with more than 1,000 spyware infections. With this much spyware present on a hard drive, the operating system will have all it can do to try to accommodate them. In a situation like this, you probably wouldn’t be able to start any of you programs, like Word or IE, for instance.

The bottom line is viruses and spyware have the capability of keeping your operating system and microprocessor busy to the point you will not get any response from your computer or at best, a very slow response. So, it is very important to keep your computer free of these things. I recommend using a good virus protection program that cleans out all types of spyware as well.

It is also very wise to have a registry cleaner on hand as well. From what I’ve seen, registry corruption has slowed down more computers than anything else. There is nothing malicious about it. It simply occurs from normal use and tends to make computers very sluggish.

The author, Ed Lathrop is a comp TIA A+/Network+ certified computer technician. His site, Registry Repair Review, rates the latest registry programs and tells which registry cleaners work and which ones might actually be dangerous to your computer. Also, visit Computer So Slow.

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