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Computer Support For Network Interface Controller

Computer Support For Network Interface Controller

Network Interface Controller or NIC in short form, is a networking device, used by a computer for communication through a network. It is the networking component, into which network cable is plugged. This device is also known as Network Adapter, Network Interface card and Local Area Network Adapter. It is installed in the host computer to enable the host to be connected to the Local Area Network. Some computers have built in NIC while the others have removable cards which could be replaced if any need like changing the baud rate or bandwidth arises.

Brief History Of NIC

Token Ring was the earliest network configuration and protocol designed and developed by IBM. Computers, connected through token ring network cards, use two different paths to transmit and receive data. Later on, 5 Base T networking standard,also known as Ethernet standard, was developed in early 1970s. Using this standard it was possible to transmit and receive data over a thick coaxial cable over a distance of 1km at a baud rate of 5 Mbits/second. After that, prolonged and painstaking research for more than one decade yielded the 10 Base T standard which was able to transmit and receive data through twisted pair of cables at a much higher baud rate . The twists also helped minimize electromagnetic interference. Then 100 Base T, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Data Digital Interface came in quick succession. 100 Base T standard , also known as fast Ethernet improved the baud rate considerably. Using the latest Gigabit Ethernet standard, it is possible to transmit and receive data at the baud rate of 1000 Mbits/second.

Working Principle Of NIC

Earlier the NIC used to be connected to the computer bus through expansion card.

Later, due to cheap price and easy availability, the NIC was integrated with the motherboard itself. Nowadays many latest motherboards come with dual integrated network interfaces. In some computers, network interface is implemented on a cheap dedicated Ethernet card, which is connected to the motherboard through PCI Express bus.

Network Controller uses multiple different methods to transmit and receive data,such as interrupt driven method, polling method, Direct Memory Access.

In the interrupt driven method, the peripheral generates interrupts when it receives data or when it is ready to transmit data. The polling method continuously monitors the peripherals to check whether any data has arrived or the peripheral is free to transmit data. In the Direct Memory Access method, the peripheral directly communicates to the memory chip and accesses data without the intervention of the microprocessor.

The typical Ethernet NIC comes with RJ45 socket, to which the network cable is connected. Earlier versions of NIC had AUI or BNC connectors mounted on the card. LEDs are used to indicate the status of the NIC.

Types Of NIC

There are multiple types of NIC based on connection types and speed capabilities,like 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet,Fiber Optics Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet,etc.

10/100 Ethernet cards can transmit and receive data at the maximum speed of 100 Megabits/second. This type of NIC is typically used in small business enterprises or home based activities. Generally PCI,PCIe or ISA interfaces are used by these cards to connect to the computer motherboard.

Gigabit Ethernet cards are capable of data communication at the maximum speed of 1 Gigabits/second. These cards use mostly PCIe interface to connect to the motherboard.

Fiber optic NICs employ fiber optic cable to transmit and receive data at the maximum speed of 100 Gigabits/second.

Wireless Ethernet cards are connected to the main computer through wireless router.

Network Support For NIC

Network Controller Card has many components mounted on it. If any of the components goes bad, the entire card might start malfunctioning. In such eventuality, the Computer support from a recognized service provider could be of immense help to diagnose and rectify the problem. Nowadays many network support providers are rendering round the clock online services to resolve all sorts of networking issues.

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Computer Support For Optical Mouse

Computer Support For Optical Mouse

Optical mouse was a major technological leap in the last decade in the 20th century. Before this computer peripheral was invented, mechanical mouse,which was developed in the early 1970s, was the most widely used device for clicking and pointing.


Optical mouse was invented by two independent researchers in the 1980s. So there were two variants. One variant was developed by Richard Lyon of Xerox Corporation. In this type off optical mouse, 16 pixel light image sensor, combined with motion detection equipment, was used to track the movement of light dots in a dark field on a print media. Another type of optical mouse was demonstrated by Steve Kirsch, who employed an infrared sensor and infrared LED to find out grid lines  printed with infrared absorbing link on a special metallic medium. Later, Agilent Technologies designed and developed an optical mouse in 1999, which employed a small camera that shoots thousands of pictures every second to find out the position and speed.

Operation Of Optical Mouse

There are several methods adopted by optical mouse technologies, such as Laser interferometry, slit wheel detection,camera based movement detection, etc.

Laser Interferometry

In this laser based technology, light waved are generated by a laser source and directed towards a surface. In turn the surface reflects some the light signals back to the laser source which results in mixing the reflected light signals with the emitted light signals. Thus partial cancellation of light signals occurs. The frequency of the reflected light gets changed by the movement of the surface, which is known as Doppler effect.

The difference between the frequency of emitted light and the reflected light determines the degree of light cancellation, which is detected by a photo diode sensor at the laser source. The movement of the surface relative to the sensor determines the power fluctuation. The path of the movement is sensed by changing the laser frequency. Two orthogonally located lasers detect the two dimensional movements.

Slit Wheel Detection

This old ball based mouse technology employs optical sensors to sense the movement of the ball. Two rollers connected to the wheels with slits are rotated by the ball. When the wheel rotates, the path of the light between the two sensors and the infrared emitter gets blocked. The sensors are aligned with one on the top of the other. As the wheel turns the light strikes one of the sensors. The sensor which detects the light provides the information about the movement.

Camera Based Movement Detection

This is the technology adopted by most of the optical mouses. Special mouse pads are not required for smooth optical mouse operation. In this technology, an optoelectronic device which is nothing but a small low resolution video camera , is used to snap successive images of the surface on which the mouse operates. The relative motion is detected by translating the movement of the mouse into movement of the cursor. The process is known as digital image correlation. Image sensors photographs naturally occurring textures on the surfaces like mouse pad, cloth or wood. These surfaces when illuminated by a light emitting diode at a grazing angle, cast different types of shadows. Images of these surfaces are recorded continuously and comparison of these images provides the detailed picture of the mouse movements.

Network Support For Optical Mouse

Since optical mouse does not have rolling parts, less maintenance is required for it. However problems might arise because this device does not work properly on transparent and shiny surfaces. Also devices with less image processing power, cannot track fast movements. In case such problems occur, taking the help of online Computer support is the best option. Most of the optical mice are energized by battery. Sometimes optical mice do not work properly because of battery issues. Also the infrared elements in the mouse might malfunction. Nowadays many network support providers are providing round the clock solutions to such problems.

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Network Support For Making Computer Run Faster

Network Support For Making Computer Run Faster

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a business job or educational and entertainment activity in which the computer is not used. The timely outcome of a business process or a project work depends on the computer speed. A  slow computer not only hinders the progress of the job but delays it and in some extreme cases halts it completely. When the computer is used for entertainment, the slow speed causes annoyance. Sluggish computer slows down communication speed which in turn delays the business process. That is why a slow computer is considered as a bane. There are many causes due to which a computer may become slow. Some of the most common causes and the solutions are discussed below. For other uncommon and rare causes, the help from an experienced PC support provider should be taken.

Viruses, Spyware, Adware And Malware:

Viruses,Spyware,Adware and Malware are basically malicious softwares which make the computers slow. Every computer is vulnerable to these nasty softwares. Viruses are small programs which could cause lots of troubles to the computer users by corrupting stored data and making the computer malfunction. Spywares are software programs,specifically designed to gather personal information about the computer user without the user’s knowledge. Personal information includes the list of websites visited by the user, the user name ,password,etc. These confidential information could put the user’s accounts in jeopardy. Adwares are special programs designed by internet marketing agencies to accumulate information about the habits and preferences of the customers.  The intention is to market their products more effectively. These vicious softwares make the computers run slow because the cookies and trojans take up processor time and occupy memory space. To get rid of this menace, the anti virus and anti Spyware softwares should be updated and run regularly. The proper software is not available, then it should be installed with help of a computer support provider.

Inadequate Hardware:

The operating system running on the computer might slow down the system if sufficient hardware is not available on the system. Every operating system software needs a minimum amount of RAM and hard disk memory. It must be ensured that the proper hardware is in place before running an operating system on a computer. To upgrade system resources, an experienced tech support provider should be consulted.

Insufficient Disk Space:

Sometimes if sufficient disk space is not available, the computer may become slow. The files, which are not required any more, should be deleted to free disk space. Lot of disk cleanup tools are available with network support providers. Such tools could be used to delete temporary internet files,downloaded program files,Recycle Bin files,etc. Among these files, temporary internet files occupy maximum memory space.

Hard Disk Errors:

The integrity of the files,stored on the hard disk, should be checked periodically. After prolonged use of the hard disk, bad sectors might be developed. Physically bad sectors slow down the performance of the computer. To detect whether any bad sector is developed or not, disk error checking utility should be run regularly. This utility could be easily obtained from many PC support providers.

Large Number Of Desktop Files:

If the desktop of the computer is dotted with files, it could make the computer run slow. To improve the performance, the desktop should be kept as cleaned as possible.

Network Support For Improving The Computer Performance:

The most common causes for poor computer performance are discussed in details. The computer users could easily get rid of these problems with the help of a computer support providers. For other unknown or uncommon causes, an experienced tech support provider should be consulted.

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Online Computer Support and Repair- A Secret

Online Computer Support and Repair- A Secret

Computer support and repair has become the on-demand service of the time. It has become a reliable and effective means to address most of the computer problems at the comfort of home or office, or even on-the-go. This business has acquired much pace that nowadays one can come across “N” number of Online Tech Support portals. Undoubtedly, it has raised the resolution rate and slashed down the related service rate. But, to avail complete advantage you should evaluate their services and then only go for it.

Computer support has come up with ages, now they are making use of the advanced remote technology and industries’ best tools, and eventually has become the panacea for computer problems, thereby getting acclamation from one and all. The arena of computer support is quite broad and it has covered operating system, application software, data backup software, security software, peripheral, Internet, router, and more. Although, brands are also blurring the line between manufacturing and services, and are coming with customer support options. Likewise you might have gone through Dell support, Hp support, Microsoft support, AVG support, Intuit support and more. But amidst growing customer base brands are finding it difficult to stay with the demand and at the same time customers too are in hustle. Hence, the demand of independent computer support has crop up.

Computer support technicians can install, activate, update, configure and upgrade any software product on a system irrespective of its make and model. One can stay worry-free even if there is any related issues as these experts can troubleshoot the machine in front of his/her eyes remotely.

Often it becomes puzzling when there is a new peripheral, and one is not getting the correct driver for the same. Sometimes it may connect but may not come up with effectual result. One may encounter problems while sharing the device across the LAN network. Whatever the problem prevail, the only initiative which needs to be taken is to call on the Computer Support Phone Number.

Online virus removal is a significant service, which is generally catered by most of the remote tech support providers. As the virus developers are making use of the superior technologies so the success of the tech service depends upon the expertise availability. A few businesses deploy well-trained team, which can explore the Windows Event Viewer and the Windows Registry settings to manually detect and remove viruses and other Internet threats, which are quite stubborn. Specialists can effectively diagnose and fix issues with the installed security software and can genuinely customize the entire security settings to curb all malicious software.

Quality-based tech support helps to built rapport with the customer for a sustained relationship. Evaluating the reliability, credibility, and intuitiveness of their services one can go with long term plans, otherwise the incident plans are good enough. Benevolent solutions offered on their site can assist you with home pc repair as well. However, one should be attentive at the same time and must keep a back up of the entire hard-disk data.

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