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Watch Put Your Android Malicious Programs

Watch Put Your Android Malicious Programs

Reported that the Android platform, 400% increase in malicious programs


Juniper Networks today announced the report of the potential threat of mobile platforms, reveals Android should be alarming growth of malicious software status, Android system has become the largest distribution platform for mobile malware, malicious applications within just one year increased by 400%. The study also found that business and consumer mobile devices are facing security threats, including the Wi-Fi targeted attacks.


Although Android is not the only threat of malicious software, mobile platform, but it must be the most obvious one.

As the leader in the next-generation mobile PC, andriod Tablet PC is the pioneer in the mobile Internet, Surfing internet, playing games, watching movies and even for business usage, andriod Tablet can be implemented on a portable tablet PC. No matter Android platform or Apple iPAD, they staged the flat boom in 2010. With almost the same features as the netbook, but also as portable as cell phones, tablet PCs will continue to perform it’s leading role in the mobile Internet era in 2011. However, due to increased competition between manufacturers, many manufacturers have not thought crafted on the product, but introduce a given model to compete with rivals hastyly. For example, Tablet PC larger than 10 inches or less than 4-inch, which seems to deviate from the Tablet PC’s own development track. Between the Android tablet and the Android smart phone, only  the “Call” function are different, the others exactly the same, for the consumer, how would you choose?

The study also explained the risks from the SMS, the most commonly used as a mobile phone communication, text messaging in the next few years will continue to play an important role, but highly intelligent machine messages deceptive Trojan horse also appeared in 17% growth Survey 20% of youth had admitted sending inappropriate messages.


As the develpoment of android tablet pc, so many side-effect increade suddently. It is a trend for any kind of some new thing. So in order to protect yourself in case of suffering malicious programs, please put more attentions on these programs. Meanwhile I also want ot say that please wantch out your facebook account and twitter account, because the report also pointed that so many cheating message had emerged just from SMS ways. In the further, we must more carefully about all kinds of messages.

Insider point out that it’s definitely a bad news for android tablets manufacturers. Motorola, Samsung and RIM they know iPad2’s influence but they can’ do nothing about it.

Get Rid Of Fake Antivirus Malware – Keep Your Computer Free Of Malicious Software

Get Rid Of Fake Antivirus Malware – Keep Your Computer Free Of Malicious Software

There is a new and growing threat to computer users. This threat is in the form of fake antivirus programs. These programs scare people into purchasing their antivirus programs. The way that they do this is by the use of pop ups that declare that a person’s computer is infected with spyware or viruses. The computer user is then directed to a web page with a scanner on it that scans the computer and then responds with an inflated or false number of spyware infections.

One reason these tactics work well, is that these warnings are designed to look like legitimate warnings. It will then claim that you need to buy an antivirus program. These rogue programs try to scare the computer user into purchasing their software, using an unsecured site to make a credit card purchase. This could result in you becoming the victim of credit card fraud or identity theft and you need to get rid of fake antivirus software to prevent this.

To protect your self from rogue software it is important to check out all warning messages. If the message you see is referring to a program you have never heard of, don’t trust it. Check out any software before downloading it. If it’s too late and you believe that you have already downloaded and installed a rogue program, read on for more helpful information on how to remove it.

The rogue program usually comes with lots of spyware and viruses in it. Rogue programs can take over your computer once they are installed, running on startup, and blocking their removal. As a result of this it will take more than the usual uninstaller to remove this malicious software. There are some good rogue software removal tools available on the internet. Do your homework and get rid of fake antivirus software fast.

Once you have made your selection, download and install the removal tool. Then run the program. The program will scan your computer and then give you a report on what it finds. It will then present you with options for removing the rogue programs that it finds. You should choose to have this program remove any malicious software that it finds. The best way to do this is with a system and registry scanner.

When your computer is completely free from any rogue software, you can take some steps to protect your computer from future installations of rogue programs. One step is to research and double check any software before installing it on your computer. The other is to periodically scan your computer for malicious software and remove it. If your computer is infected you can get rid of fake antivirus software quickly by scanning your computer and removing it in minutes.


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Malware – How to Prevent and Remove Malicious Software From a PC

Malware – How to Prevent and Remove Malicious Software From a PC

Unlike the conclusive destructiveness a computer virus does to a PC, malicious software or malware, is designed to operate behind the scenes, beyond the reach and know-how of the PC user. Malware lurks in the background and functions to steal system resources and potentially personal data from the host PC. Malware infections can manifest as low-grade annoyances like odd PC behavior and slower system speed or a more severe infection where your PC is near stand-still having lost functionality and system resources to the infection’s background activity.

The stories of malware rackets boggle the mind. The parasitic, body-snatcher nature of a malware infection is akin to science fiction-one ill-advised click and ‘ZAP!’ your PC goes from loyal, healthy pet, to a tail-wagging zombie with a three-legged walk. And because it’s a remote and potentially lucrative crime-thousands of people fall victim to rogue software every day and some actually pay to download it.

In fact, new ground was broken earlier this year in malware sophistication with ‘rogue security software’-malware posing as anti-virus or anti-malware software. The viewer gets an unsolicited email or a pop-up alert saying their system has been compromised in some way and a free scan or anti-virus/malware software download is needed to clean the (phantom) infection off. It’s the download being offered, that carries the malware trojan. Computer security analysts estimate more than 100 million PCs have been struck by this form of malware in 2009 alone. (One in ten victims actually paid for the malicious software they downloaded on blind trust, too!) The average scammer takes in ten thousand dollars a day running a rogue security software racket.

Search the term ‘rogue security software’ on Wikipedia and see a partial, (but LONG) list of the software names malware poses under. Note the similarities in naming conventions to authentic products. The ‘severity of infection’ bar was set to a new height just a few months ago with the spread of System Security 2009 Virus, also known as Systemsecurity 4.51, a name that plays off of Symantec’s Norton System Security products. Once downloaded, the malware replicates copies of itself more deeply into the PC’s registry database; deactivates End-Task functionality; disables in-place anti-virus protection; prevents download of new anti-virus programs; and bombards you with a pop-ups demanding payment for fixing the mess. Essentially this malicious software ‘paints you into a corner’ and extorts a payment for a fraudulent ‘fix’ you don’t even get. While there are ways to get rid of it, the infection is so elaborate that manual file deletion is strongly discouraged. If you suspect you may be infected by this one, check security-related online forums for successful techniques others have used to get rid of it.

Security experts estimate 90% of PCs have some form of malware infecting them–most are low-level annoyances like minor odd behavior and slower PC performance. It’s important you scan and clean your system with anti-malware software regularly because even low-level infections can grow worse as the software ‘holds the door open’ to other forms of malware, tracks your computer usage, or steals personal data. Given newer, more sophisticated forms of malware are sure to come, PC users need to be better prepared to avoid falling victim to system-sapping malware or more severe ‘rogue security software’ rackets. Here are some pointers:

1. Install, use and regularly update a well-rated anti-virus suite from a software manufacturer that regularly updates their product. You can buy a product subscription or use a well-rated, reputable free AV product like AVG Free or Trendmicro House Call.

2. Install, use and regularly update a separate, well-rated anti-malware program from a manufacturer that regularly updates their product. (There is a helpful link at the end of this article to a well-rated, well-supported free option along with instructions for using it!)

3. Always qualify the safety of unsolicited email attachments or download offers prior to opening or downloading them. Even with the best protections in place, your choice to open or download is the last line of defense your PC has. Be aware malware is packaged inside offers of ‘freebies’ like browser tool bars, screensavers, gadgets, games, movies, music, even file swapping services. Confirm a source is safe and reputable, before you download.

4. Check out sources by doing Google searches on the software title. Even review online forums talking about the product or service to qualify other’s experiences before you download.

5. Never react to unsolicited pop-up messages. Rogue security software capitalizes on ‘social engineering’- the manipulation of people by fear or too-good-to-be true (free) enticements. Set your browser security to reduce or stop all pop- ups, if you are not using ‘Firefox’, which is built to prevent 100% of pop-ups.

6. Be aware of redirects off of legitimate websites or Google search results pages. Scammers operate sophisticated ‘funnels’ online to redirect unsuspecting surfers onto infected websites by compromising legitimate websites or seeding infected URLs into search results pages.

7. Keep your operating system up-to-date with the latest updates as they are offered. Updates for Windows and other operating systems are often security patches for loopholes scammers have demonstrated an ability to exploit.

Just running an anti-virus suite is no longer enough protection for your PC where malware can enter a PC by user error. Remain vigilant as protector of your PC investment by enacting the above measures and knowing where to get answers when you notice PC performance dropping off–an obtuse sign of malware infections. I have had great results using a well-rated and free anti-malware program that I learned about from computer expert and author Kim Burney in her latest e-book, the DIY Computer Maintenance Guide.

Get instructions on a proven way to clean off malware from your PC by downloading a free excerpt from the “DIY Computer Maintenance Guide”, by computer expert and author Kim Burney by clicking here: http://www.ZappingTheCrap.com

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Tips To Protect Your Computer From Malicious Programs

Tips To Protect Your Computer From Malicious Programs

Viruses and worms are programmed by discontented or malevolent software programmers. These computer programmers enjoy distributing out their malicious software to unsuspicious computer users. If you are like me might be wondering on how to protect your PC from virus and Trojans, spywares. Due to new viruses bombing our computer every single day and hackers using spyware programs keen to enter our computer to do identity theft, it has become essential to keep our computer with covers of protection. These days a huge quantity of virus protection software is available in the market. Get these useful computer software programs to protect your computer with eset promo code available at discounted rates.

Here we will discuss about some easy steps on how to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious programs;

Install Anti-Virus Software

You might be amazed to hear that 90% of all PCs are infected by some sort of virus for instance Trojan. Basic function of virus is to damage your computer in such a manner that it may come to be nonfunctional.

Install a Firewall

Once your computer is clean against every virus, it is suggested to install Firewall. Firewall acts as a frontline against any possible threat coming to you however you are on internet. Every day, Hackers are demanding to breach our computer, and the Firewall is the finest guard against them.

Install Anti Spyware

Spywares are among the best tools that hackers use to breach our computer. Firewall, can only go as far as shielding your computer from Hackers manual hazard, but once Hackers uses any kind of Spyware it certainly become difficult for the Firewall to guard our computer. Spywares are employed best for identity theft, receiving your passwords, your banking account and so forth.

Run Anti-Virus and Spywares Periodically


Most of the anti-virus especially the one that I’ve listed comes with a scheduler. I suggest strongly, scheduling them weekly if not every day. It is essential to remember that most viruses can be removed deprived of permanently injuring your computer system. As well, most virus infections can be not permitted.

Following all these steps mentioned above will endure your computer intrusion free from hackers, spywares and viruses. Furthermore to protect your computer from being infested by viruses, you require doing another thing to save your computer running in upright performance all along. Some scrap files can be accrued when you do things on your computer. From time to time, it might be some temporal files. Do upgrade your antivirus software from time to time so that your computer can be secure efficiently. 

Get an extensive collection of virus protection software at discounted rates with eset coupons available online. 

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