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PST File Issues Due to Anti-Virus Software

PST File Issues Due to Anti-Virus Software

Microsoft Office Outlook uses personal folder (PST file) to store local copies of all email messages and other Outlook items. The file is loaded each time when you start Outlook. If you are using an anti-virus software to scan the file, the odds are that it might prevent you to open PST. It mainly occurs due to certain incompatibilities issues. Also, if the file is damaged or infected from virus, you will get similar symptoms and errors. Such situations cause data loss and require you to recover from the most recent PST backup you have. At times, when no file backup is available or the available backup is not valid enough that you could restore lost information from it, you should use advanced Outlook PST Repair tools that can effectively repair and restore a damaged PST file.

As an example, when you start Microsoft Office Outlook, you get the similar error message displaying on screen:

“Your Anti-Virus software has blocked the file you were trying to open.

You should ensure your Anti-Virus software is fully up to date and try opening the file again. It is important to note that the blocked file may also contain a virus which your Anti-Virus software has not been able to remove. In this case you should treat the file with caution.”

Application crashes after you receive this error message.


You encounter such errors if one of the following conditions exists:

• The antivirus software you are using is incompatible with Microsoft Office Outlook. It might also occur if you are using an outdated anti-virus software and its signature files are damaged.
• You are trying to open a virus infected PST and the anti-virus software in use cannot remove that virus
• PST file is damaged


The solution depends on the root of the issue. Try resolving the aforementioned issue using these methods:

• To update your antivirus software from the recent updates, you can download the updated virus signature file that vendors of antivirus software provide periodically. This is done on the basis of new virus created.
• If you don’t doubt that the antivirus software or its signature files is the issue, the file might be infected from virus that your antivirus software is unable to remove. Such files should be deleted as soon as possible and restored from backup. Alternatively (when no valid PST file backup is available), you can use commercial tools that could Repair Outlook PST and restore it at a safe location.
• If PST file is corrupted, no anti-virus software and Microsoft Office can handle such file. Such PST file needs to be repaired. To perform PST Repair, you can use these methods:

To repair damaged PST file, you can use Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe), which is a built-in tool of MS Outlook to deal with PST corruption errors. If you are using Outlook 2003 or an earlier version, you can locate the tool at one of the following locations:

:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi33\
:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI33

In Outlook 2007, the same tool is found at this location:

:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Here, disk drive represents the primary drive of your system, usually C.
To scan your damaged PST file using Inbox Repair Tool, you can follow these steps in order:

(i) Click Start and then, depending upon the operating system in use, point to Search or Find
(ii) Next, type scanpst.exe in Search for files or folders named box
(iii) Open the located tool by double-clicking the icon
(iv) Specify the PST file path and click Start

This will give you an error-free PST file.

• If Inbox Repair Tool cannot repair the damaged PST file, it is recommended to use third-party Repair Outlook PST tools. Such software are special purposed tools, designed to use advanced PST file repair algorithms. Besides basic Outlook PST Repair functionalities, they provide graphically rich user interface, safe scanning procedure and well-maintained documentation. You can use these products in any case when you find PST file as damaged or unreadable.

For best PST file repair results, use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. The tool is an advanced, safe and comprehensive product that could Repair Outlook PST in all cases of file corruption. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The software can restore all email messages, notes, journals, tasks, appointments, calendar items and other Outlook items. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT. It also provides PST Password Recovery and Split PST options.

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General Issues In Computer Networking

General Issues In Computer Networking

Computer networking is one of the most important aspect of any IT based firm either directly related to IT or not at all. Though, there are businesses and firms which are not related to IT but have to have computer networks for their business operations and management of the records. They might need to communicate within their offices and to share digital files and data that are stored on a computer. So, computer networking, which may be limited to few computers, is essential for a particular firm. Because of its importance and benefits, most of the firms and businesses setup computer networks having various aims and purposes but the most important is to have safe and sound computer networking in place in order to have secure information and data sharing.

Though, different high-fi technologies and equipment exist today enable robust computer networks but still there are several limitation and issues that may be caused due to different reasons. These issues are mostly about security, network failure, disaster and recovery. Having a secure network is the most crucial requirement of the computer network because it is not only about compromising over the data loss but it’s more about the sensitivity of the data and its importance. If the network setup is not that secure then any spy can hijack your network and may play around for malicious aims which may not be in your favour at any cost. Therefore, having a professional network or IT consulting service from a renowned firm to establish a secure and theft proof computer network is quite worthy.

Apart from security, there are many other concerns such as network failure, which may be caused by any damage, or environmental hazards like fire, building damages, or electricity burn down.

In such cases, there should always be suitable disaster recovery mechanism in place in order to have backup which may be utilized to avoid heavy data losses. However, implementing a disaster recovery system is not so easy, so a professional firm must be consulted for enhanced security and disaster recovery solutions in computer networking.

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Tackle all your business issues with IT Consulting and Services

Tackle all your business issues with IT Consulting and Services

With today’s economy every business wants to play safe and no one would want to take a risk when it concerns their business. In order to play safe they need efficient IT support that can give them optimum results and improved productivity without any fear of failure. Whether you are a small or a large business, IT consulting can help you change the way you conduct your business. There are many businesses that do not have proper IT work force with complete knowledge of technicalities that can greatly affect the business in future. With such a stiff global competition, one cannot wait for mishaps to happen and then take a step to re-create a business. This is when local IT consulting and services come into picture who can rescue you from all kinds of IT issues. These consulting firms enhance your business performance by offering their services to help you plan, they also allow you to outsource you products and services effectively. Businesses can get in there with their local consulting but need to select providers that are professional and have offered remarkable services in the past. It is always important to go through the past experiences of an IT service before you hire them. With growing development the demand of Managed IT services NY is increasing speedily. They help you expand your business by bringing you the best prospects in the industry. These services are now gaining popularity because they assist business in smooth functioning and entrepreneur can invest the same time in taking care of other features. There is a lot that managed IT service does, they take care of the business continuity, improved operational competence and disaster recovery.

A sound IT network empowers businesses to meet the challenges of daily life where you have numerous threats surrounding your IT security like Hackers, worms, Viruses etc. Larger the business more is the threat to IT system for which IT services design the most effective business plan that helps the business to grow. No matter how hard one tries, you cannot avoid the unexpected failures in terms of PC crash, backup, security, network failure and servers. Your managed IT services should be capable enough to offer Backup and Recovery Solution. Businesses keep the most important data on their system and no one would want to lose them during the time of crisis. Data backup recovery have proved beneficial for business for the reason that they recover all the lost data and helps you back up data for future and for compliance reasons. Data is the most valuable asset of a business and to make use of it effectively it would be ideal to seek help from professional IT service provider. Some of the IT solutions providers assist you with almost all the aspects of information technology that includes e-mails, networking, web hosting, hardware and software support, storage of data and much more. With such specialized services nothing can go wrong but in case of natural disaster you wouldn’t lose anything.

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How to Repair 3 Issues with Laptop Computers

How to Repair 3 Issues with Laptop Computers

Are you sick of the notebook’s failure in hard drive? This common problem leads to the laptop crashes during startup. Discover more about the laptop issues and how to solve them easily and quickly.


So, in the middle of your work, your notebook would either freeze, shutdown, or have a self-reboot. At times, a notebook that crashed will not be able to power down or you may see a blue or a black screen depending on your operating system.


These laptop problems have different causes. Thus, it is a little hard to come up with just one standard laptop troubleshooting solution. But the good news is that there are known solutions that yield to positive outcome.


Do you have the same problems with your laptop? Would you like to know simple, yet helpful tips about small laptop computers and how to fix a crash? Here are some steps:


Issue (1): Notebooks with a blue screen:

You might have heard of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) a lot of times. As its name implies, this blue screen shows up when Windows detects a threat, which stops the notebook from rebooting. BSOD typically appears in case there is a hardware failure or a driver conflicts.


When Windows is experiencing a problem, BSOD usually displays the actual error. Hence, it is easier to detect what really the issue is.


In some cases, just by rebooting the notebook, the issue gets resolved. If you always get a specific error that says STOP: 0x0000007E, you can check Microsoft-Help-Center for some possible troubleshooting steps.

You may need to have a windows reinstall when the problem is at its worst case.


Issue (2): Spontaneous reboot or shutdown:

Sometimes, the computer will reboot automatically in case you have upgraded your hardware and your chosen component is incompatible with the system.


To deal with this, it is the best to replace the hardware, or remove it totally from your computer. However, if you are sure that the problem is not hardware related, there are 2 more things you can check.


Blocked or dust-congested fans could be another reason. The computer easily heats up when there are too much dust or any accumulated tiny particles beside the fan. Shutting down by itself is the notebook’s way to warn you of the possible problems.


One of the most common reasons for automatic reboots and shut down is having a virus. Have a regular update on your security system and do not fail to run a hard drive full scan. Of course, it is not enough to just run the update.


Issue (3): Frozen notebook:

If your mouse, keyboard or application switching is not responding properly, the very first thing you have to do is to power your computer down. This usually resolves the problem, but in this case you may lose your work in case you failed to save it previously.


Overloading the memory could cause computer freezing. When several programs are running spontaneously, then the speed slows down. Malwares can also elevate the effect, so it is important that you have an anti-spyware installed on your computer.


You can start fixing the issue by pressing on the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys in the keyboard until the task manager window appears. Close all programs, which are not responding, or do a long press on the power’s button to shut the computer down.


If the same problem is caused by the same program, then an update may be needed. Or you can go for defragmenting to clean up some spaces. And lastly, buy a registry cleaner to fix the registry on your windows.


If all the troubleshooting steps you tried did not work, then it is recommended that you check the issue with your laptop repair company for maximum laptop repair help.


In this context, I strongly advise you to check online reviews to see what others experienced with the laptop, which you are going to buy.


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Choose flexible remote computer tech support to troubleshoot your computer issues quickly

Choose flexible remote computer tech support to troubleshoot your computer issues quickly

In today’s scenario, computer and internet services tend to play an essential role in our lives that helps us to keep track with time, latest technologies and growing needs. Now we depend on computer and internet services for our wide array of needs including communication, entertainment, official work, online shopping, social networking and others. As it is an electronic gadget, computer issues are quite common like malfunctioning of systems, unable to send to receive mails, unknown icons on desktop, corruption of operating system, cursor has disappeared and others. In such condition, sometimes you become muddle headed that what to do, whom to ask for help, where to go?

Remote computer support services would be the wisest and advisable option to troubleshoot your computer issues quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, lots of tech support companies are available that offer wide array of remote PC support services at highly reasonable rates. Additionally, you can get these services 24×7 throughout the year. Reliable remote computer support companies employ a team of highly skilled and qualified technical expert that are available online day-in and day-out to assist and support you. This service is based on the remote desktop sharing technology in which the technicians remotely share your desktop via internet.

These companies also offer remote computer monitoring services that are highly advantageous for employers and parents both. The employer can use this software to find out employee’s accessing to internet. While the parents can see what their teenage children are doing with internet. Remote computer monitoring facilitates inclusive access to PC from anywhere to the world.

Moreover, it does not involve any physical access for installation and you can even install this software via email. Before installation, this software is completely tested by technicians ensures that there would be no compatibility issues with Windows.

Once this software is installed, it starts recording keystrokes, chat sessions and visited websites. These all records as a live program and can be accessed any time and location. Companies offer remotely software implementation services that would save your time, effort and money. The technicians can install, uninstall, and update your computer with latest tool and technologies. The companies offer comprehensive services including installation, email support services, software implementation services, upgrading of anti-virus and lots more. Moreover, the professionals are consistently stayed in touch to monitor the computer issues. Through online browsing, you can find out list of reliable companies that offer highly specialized remote computer support services. Reliable companies offer flexible services packages within your means.

We are offering expert Remote computer monitoring with the many types of packages.