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Internet Security 2013 (amsecure.exe) virus removal video

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Internet Security Tip: How to Spot Malware Apps

Internet Security Tip: How to Spot Malware Apps

According to a recent report, smartphone malware is the biggest Internet security threat of 2011. From the beginning of January to the end of March, there were several security breaches that put mobile malware at the top of the list of concerns. Mobile smartphones have been around for years, so why the sudden spike in malware? And more importantly, how can you use an anti-malware program to prevent your phone from being infected?


There are three main reasons for the increase in mobile malware. First of all, smartphone sales continue to skyrocket. So, because cybercriminals want to infect as many computers as possible, they are focusing their efforts on mobile devices. Secondly, according to a new survey from Google, people are using their smartphones more than ever. In fact, many people are choosing to use their smartphones to access the Internet from home as opposed to laptops and/or desktops. In addition, apps are now available through unsecured websites. This elevates the risk consumers run of unintentionally downloading malware through infected apps.


Here are a few ways that consumers can spot apps containing security threats and how an anti-malware program can help.


When shopping for fun apps, many people do not think twice about where they really come from because they seem so unassuming. Google’s choice to run a more open marketplace when it comes to apps is a great way to promote new ideas in the technology industry. However, this also increases the chances of downloading infected apps. The best way to spot scams is to play close attention to the reviews. For example, you should be skeptical if the app’s reviews appear to be written by the same author.


Ultimately, installing anti-malware security software is the best way for people to protect their data, their identities, and their peace of mind while they are searching for the latest and greatest apps. This type of Internet security solution stop malicious attacks before it is too late. The proactive approach of security software is the most effective way to prevent malware from infiltrating your smartphone. At the end of the day, if the saying “prevention is the best medicine” is true then an Internet security program is the prescription you need.