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How to Clean a Virus Infected Computer

How to Clean a Virus Infected Computer

The article describes the procedure for cleaning a virus-infected computer. The methods described here are simple and reliable. Since virus removal is a delicate procedure, we recommend you to follow the instructions carefully to avoid facing problems. Doing so will save your time.

When it comes to removing a virus, you often feel confused and have no idea where to start from. You need help indeed removing the dangerous virus from your computer to make it healthy again. Considering this, we have brought a free virus removal guide for you to not only help remove virus but also block its recurrence in future.


Check if you can open your antivirus program or not. Most of the times, a virus disables your antivirus protection to prevent its detection and removal. Thus, if you can access your antivirus protection, launch it and update with latest virus definitions. These definitions will improve your security program’s defense level against the virus. When all the updates have been downloaded and installed, run a full virus scan. Wait until the scan finishes. When finished, instruct the program to delete the infections that were found during the scan.

If you are unable to open your security program, check if you can connect to the internet. If you can, run a free online virus scan from Trend Micro’s official website. To do so, visit the Trend Micro website (trendmicro.com, prefix ‘www’ before the name) and download the latest version of HouseCall, a free utility. Save the downloaded file and run the setup. Open the utility and run a complete virus scan. When done, hit the Fix Problems button and delete the virus infected files. Now try to launch your antivirus program again and re-run a full virus scan to make sure that no traces of the virus have been left in the computer.

If you are unable to access any application or program on your computer, restart it in Safe Mode with Networking. Why Safe Mode? It is because Windows loads without driver software or applications in Safe Mode. Since virus is a malicious software, it will not load on to Windows Safe Mode. Thus it becomes easy to remove virus in Safe Mode. When the computer is restarting, start tapping the F8 key on the keyboard and continue doing so until you enter the boot menu. Use the Down arrow key on the keyboard to scroll down to Safe Mode with Networking and then hit Enter.

When done, run a free online virus scan from Trend Micro’s HouseCall first and then run a full virus scan from your security program. If you don’t have an antivirus installed on your machine, choose and download one from the internet. There are various security programs like McAfee (recommended), Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky, and Panda among others available on the internet. When done, open your web browser and delete the browsing history including cookies, auto-fill forms, and passwords etc.

Thereafter, download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from its official website. Save the file and run the installation. When done, open the program, highlight the Update tab, and then hit the Update button. When done, click on the Scanner tab and select Perform Full Scan. Hit the Scan button to start a full virus scan. Prompt the tool to remove all the viruses after the scan has completed. Exit all the windows and restart your computer into normal mode.

Additional Tips:

If you are unable to clean your computer fully despite going through all the steps, contact V tech-squad for online virus removal support service. We don’t recommend manual virus removal for normal users as it is a sensitive procedure and involves the risk of data deletion.

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