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More than 50 Google apps found with malware

More than 50 Google apps found with malware

Nearly 21 such applications were removed from the Android Market, as these apps secretly installed a malware in the phone. These 21 programs were downloaded by more than 50,000 users, in last four days.

Malware installing apps were offered for free

Some of these apps included the pirated versions of the Android software itself and were being offered for free in the Market. It was offered after making alterations to add the malware and was offered under different names. This malware, once installed, sent the personal details of the user’s phone including its IMEI number to a server based in the U.S. Moving a step further, it even installed an application which later on allowed several other softwares, to be installed on the phone. These programs were published by an entity called ‘Myournet,’ and it has also been removed from the Market. The malware was detected by redditor lompolo, which investigated the applications after they found the publisher of one of these apps to be different from the one they expected. The findings were posted on reddit, after finding that one of the apps contained an exploit code. The users, who have downloaded these apps, need to reset their phones to clean them up. A complete list of these applications is available at the Android Police website.

Other applications with malware also found

Another malware called ‘DreamDroid’ was also found in some other applications. After this, applications by publishers named Kingmall2010 and we20090202 were removed from the Market. The number of total applications removed from the Market is more than 50. The attack brings to fore several issues, concerned with the security related with Android smart phones. The Android Market is not controlled in the way Apple controls its App Store and Microsoft its Marketplace. The consequences of leaving the Android Market unregulated could lead to making it unsafe for the users.

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