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How Do Anti DDoS Programs Function?

How Do Anti DDoS Programs Function?

Although you do have the option to hire a professional company to take care of your system for you, there are times when you just need to take care of your personal webserver, especially if your webserver is local and not a remote one or that server is relatively small. While there are hardware alternatives that you can also purchase to complement your anti DDoS capability, most of the time, the best anti DDoS programs may be enough to stop the most common DDoS attacks that your system can experience.

These software are usually priced a bit cheaper than services that you can hire, and more often than not, they have a working life of one year from date of purchase, since they are software themselves. These anti DDoS programs are usually commercial programs that were developed to combat the attacks on a software level. Using much of the same things that hardware is designed to do, these programs use essentially the same things that are used by antivirus programs, and software firewalls combined.
Being software, there are limitations to the use of these anti DDoS programs. There may be much more advanced forms of DDoS attacks that the webserver may be noticing and the program may be unable to stop it. In this case, the only way for you to mitigate the attack would be to reset the server. Just like any programs that malfunction on a computer, resetting the computer will reset anything else it was running before; not that it will stop the attacks from occurring again, but at least, you have mitigated the attack for now. 
It is at this time that the installation of these anti DDoS programs should be done. You normally install the software as you would in any computer and register it properly. You can then start the webserver again after you have ensured that the program is running and active.
After installing these anti DDoS programs and reconnecting your webserver to the internet, try and see if there are still signs of an active DDoS attack and if it is doing any harm on your server. If the program is holding up as it was designed to against the current DDoS attack, then you can rest easy, knowing that you are now protected from future DDoS attacks of this type.
Anti DDoS programs generally come in as an advanced form of firewall that are packaged mainly for the server versions of Windows. These operating systems are similar to the usual version of windows except for the fact that the server version is used, as server computers operate a little differently than the usual version of windows that we use.
This is why most of the anti DDoS programs that are being sold are packaged for these OS versions. As an example, you do not normally play any games using Windows server 2003 or 2008, and any game that you may play will run slower on these as compared to Windows Vista, XP, or 7 on the same computer hardware. When you run anti DDoS programs in a machine like this, it can use more resources for its own functions than it can using a consumer version of the same operating system.

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