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Protect your Phone from Android Malware

Protect your Phone from Android Malware

Android appears to be more prone to malware attacks in comparison of other mobile platforms. Malwares have been seen as a constant problem on most Android versions so far. Today, Android has turned into the top selling smartphone platform, but it is also a juicy target for hackers and attackers. Scammers and malware developers are eager to steal private information and money from innocent Android users, without their consent.

The first ever attack on Android appeared when SMS Trojan malware, called ‘Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a’ was discovered by Kaspersky Lab in August 2010. It was a 13kb media player app but once installed, it started to send text messages to premium rate numbers. Soon in the fourth quarter of 2010, McAfee discovered the most important threat, a ‘Trojan called Android/Geinimi’. It was inserted into legitimate apps for the Android platform. It had encrypted URLs linked back to botnet command servers. The Trojan could also download software from these servers. In September 2010 Kaspersky Lab again found one more set of malware ‘SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.b’. In June 2011 McAfee reported that Android OS is the second popular platform attracting attackers to spread malwares. The first one was Symbian OS.

Now, malware attack on Android OS has become a usual matter. Scammers and malware developers keep on changing their strategy of spreading malicious codes and even succeed in their efforts. It is believed that Android is the victim of its own fame and this fame is likely to grow in the future.

How it is the safest OS?

But, it does not mean that Android is vulnerable and has no protection facilities. Android is one of the most protected operating systems, which uses a separation of privileges approach to maintain security on the system, with apps based on unique identity using standard Linux user and group IDs. This facility separates the functioning of an application from other applications and even from operating system. Various processes performed by an app are subject to permission assessment and by default, no application has permission to affect / influence the functioning of other applications. When Android applications are developed, developers need to specify that the permission labels are liable to protect their own applications and other applications along with OS.

Where do pitfalls exist?

The phrase ‘Beauty is a Curse’ fits well here. Android’s beauty is its openness because it allows developers to customize the OS and applications for it. Customization to the OS is made by mobile manufacturers that optimize it according to specific hardware environment and customization to apps is made by programmers who want to add dynamic features for deriving more productivity. Conspiracy takes place at the app development process in which some developers wrap malicious codes with their apps which are downloaded by innocent users. Here, malware begins its game. In some cases apps want illogical permissions to access the hardware and software of user’s device and later scammers and malware developers use these permissions to remotely perform unlawful operations on a device, such as stealing private data, sending texts to premium numbers, spying on user’s activities on device and a lot of others.

Customization to application development is not harmful unless it affects the functionality of the OS or the app performs unnecessary operations. Although customization at OS level is also not harmful, but it creates another problem that is known as fragmentation. Nowadays rivals have made Android fragmentation a major issue to distract users from this platform, but still it is risk-free.

As far as malware is concerned, Google itself seems to be too much serious about the issue. Google recently added-in a safety technology Google Bouncer to Google Play. It is designed to stop harmful apps from occurring in the store.

How to protect it?

What user can do at their end is quite simple and nontechnical. Users should avoid downloading free apps as these are the only way through which maliciously coded applications enter a device. If you really want to download a free app then never forget to check the permissions it wants to access the hardware/software facilities of your device. Before downloading any free app, you can also check feedbacks posted by other users. There are a number of Antivirus and Anti-malware apps which you can download on your device to make it foolproof.

For more info about Android applications you can hire our Android developers.

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How To Remove AntiMalware Doctor From Your Computer – Complete Antimalware Doctor Removal

How To Remove AntiMalware Doctor From Your Computer – Complete Antimalware Doctor Removal

Antimalware Doctor is a virus created by hackers to try and steal your personal information, as well as to con you into purchasing the “upgrade” to the software. Known commonly as a rogue antivirus application, Antimalware Doctor has installed itself onto 100,000’s of computers around the World over the past few months it’s been released, and God only knows how many people have been suckered into actually buying it. The truth about this program is that it’s a fake – designed to continually show you false results in order to trick you. This tutorial is going to show you how to remove Antimalware Doctor in the most complete and effective way.

The Antimalware Infection is what’s known as a “malware” virus – a malicious software program created by hackers to try and make money from your misfortune. Typically installing itself onto your system from a number of different sources, including the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, fake email attachments and infected downloads, it’s continually causing a huge number of problems for the typical Windows user. Although it takes over vital Windows settings, including the likes of Task Manager and your programs, the good news is that you can get rid of the program relatively easily by using the steps described below.

The way to get rid of this infection is to first stop it from running, and then remove all the files and settings it uses to run. Unlike other viruses, which will place a hidden file or setting onto your computer, this is actually install a software tool to try and cause all sorts of problems for you. Like any other software uninstallation that you may wish to perform, you can get rid of the virus by deleting all the files it requires to run and then any of the settings the software may also have.

Antimalware Doctor will install itself here:

C:\Documents and Settings\>\My Documents\New Folder


The best way to remove Antimalware Doctor from your system will be to use a software program called a “malware removal tool”. These are tools created specifically to remove the fake rogue antivirus programs which are typically installing themselves onto your computer. We’ve found that a program called XoftSpy is the best to get rid of this virus, as this program has been designed by a large software company in Canada who have created it to get rid of all the parts of the program which are causing problems for your PC. You can use this tool by downloading it, installing it and then letting it scan your infected PC. This will get rid of the virus you have, allowing your computer to run well again.

You can

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