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Digital Marketing Concepts Employed At Vita Computer Consulting

Digital Marketing Concepts Employed At Vita Computer Consulting
The first digital concept and very successful was direct marketing, then target marketing, geographical marketing, multi-buyer targeting, data mining and a host others, then bulk email followed suit, these two dominated marketing digitally for the last 15 years, website traffic and success from people purchasing products and services was enjoyed by the few on any grand scale, the niche markets will always be and the big guys like amazon.com will always have a big share of the web/internet market traffic.

But small business and those struggling to get presence on the web are starting to deploy special tactics and unique techniques to bring the prospects in, SEO is the biggest of late, Search-Engine-Optimization, its a mouthful, whats it mean? It means hey Google I am over here! Here I am, right here!

What are the latest tools
Social Marketing
Keyword and phrases
Mass distribution
eGorilla warfare (Ill explain later)
adsense (Google or other)
ax&^%$ @#$ .com/gotcha (if I tell you, I will have to kill you)
Whew, and then some

Adsense is fairly new and not a bad idea, Google is big on this and they are an integrity laden corporation, PPC has been around for awhile and so have banners, the last one on the list you would have to join the CIA to find out about it.

eGorilla warfare is a nasty practice by a few, I am sure many of you have had some experience through Craigslist.org, earthlings who try and do steal your email address and or phone number to set up phony accounts with Craigslist to advertise, earth people who will flag competition posts to knock them out, fake posts, scams etc etc.

And of course good old spamming, also buying up domain name for later sales, registering names almost identical to some of the big names and tricks I am still learning of where people are trying to outsmart Googles search spiders. Its mind numbing the things people come up with. Vital Computer Services uses a well know distribution web service for our video and articles, we work within a high integrity model of content with value only, personalize every account with research, team work, the latest technology and honest intent, we work with our clients to find theyre strengths, goals, objectives and most important any areas that need revamping or strengthening.

We look for similarities with their competition and uniqueness that would set them apart, these are the objects we either build or tear apart and rebuild, we follow Googles guidelines and create keywords and phrases that focus on a clients strengths are areas that need attention the most. We communicate on a daily basis with clients, constantly updating them on progress or a need to change strategy and this is what builds strong vendor relations and reputation, we strive in this area.
Vital Computer Consulting leads by example, we have been fortunate enough to have worked with and for the brightest in the industry.

We will continue to bettor our processes, skill sets and hardware/software resources to provide the best solutions to our clients available in todays very competitive environment. We are planet friendly, green minded, founded in integrity, motivated by service to others and willing to reinvent ourselves in any given moment should the call arise due to circumstances beyond our control, we accept life on lifes terms.

We will succeed

Started in a galaxy far far away, a long time ago, we are just beginning, Vital Computer services and Consulting want to partner with you, call us today.

Michael Robert Cummings
Born in Chicago, Illinois
Graduate of CDI, Wilbur Wright College
Father of 1 daughter, I was Born 1955
Email: VitalComputerConsulting@gmail.com
Website: http://www.VitalComputerServices.Info

Developer and solution provider since 1986, started in California, currently Living in
Phoenix, AZ
Member of VFUG.org, DMA.org