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Consulting With A Cosmetic Dentist

Consulting With A Cosmetic Dentist
The very first time you meet with a cosmetic dentist is referred to as the consultation. This is the time when you will learn everything you need to know about the cosmetic procedure that you have chosen for yourself. It is also your opportunity to let the dental practitioner know what it is you appreciate about your teeth and your smile and what you would like to alter. This is the time to describe your expectations and to find out from the dentist if you are realistic about the treatment that you want.

A consultation with a cosmetic dentist will involve a significant amount of information and record gathering. For this reason the consultation may take a longer period of time than you might expect because you are a brand new patient and a file must be started for you. The file is the record of your medical history and the treatment(s) you are about to embark upon.

What is involved in this form of dental information gathering? The answer is quite a bit. A comprehensive intraoral exam will take place and the dental practitioner will take a close look at the dental work in your mouth to date.

Intraoral photographs are a must at the first meeting with a cosmetic dentist as are radiographs (also known as X-rays). Impressions will also be made of both your upper teeth as well as your lower teeth. The study casts and models will be made at a later date. These are necessary for your future cosmetic dental treatment.

But there is more that takes place at an initial meeting beyond what has been mentioned so far. You will be able to flip through smile design books to take a look at before and after photos of past patients of the dentist’s. You will have the opportunity to see the results of a variety of cosmetic procedures. This will help you to get one step closer to figuring out what procedure would be most suitable for your mouth. The dental provider will also review a variety of tooth sizes and shapes with you to help you to decide the ones that are most appealing and most appropriate for you.

You can talk about tooth color with the dentist at this time and you can ask him or her any questions that you may have. Do not be shy or hold anything back. If there is something you want to know or need to know before you move forward with the cosmetic work then ask away!

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more advanced, sophisticated and technologically advanced all of the time. It is a very exciting field of dentistry to be a part of! Some cosmetic dentists have the ability to bring your smile up on a computer screen and then can show you what each tooth will look like following the treatment you will be having. This will make it clearer to you what changes will occur and you will be able to see the modifications on a monitor in front of you before you see them on yourself for real when you look in the mirror and smile.

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