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Finding Viruses and Fixing Your Computer

Finding Viruses and Fixing Your Computer

There are many programs that can detect viruses, doing so, with an accuracy of over 99%. You should first check to make sure your computer has an anti virus program installed. You may have some software installed when you first got your computer but is it running? Has it been updated recently? If the answer is yes to both these questions then you must proceed with a virus scan. If you do not have an anti virus program currently installed on your computer then don’t fear. A very handy free anti virus tool by Trend Micro called “Housecall” can be used with an Internet connection and can be just as efficient as some installed programs. Keep in mind though this will only remove the viruses you currently have been infected with and will not offer around the clock protection like an installed version.

Removing detected viruses can sometimes be a challenge. There are two different ways to remove a virus they are:

Automatically – This is done by the anti virus program. Usually it will ask you if you would like to remove the detected virus or to leave it (I would recommend removing it).
Manually – Sometimes the virus can made multiple copies of itself or has tricked your computer to think it is currently running and cannot be deleted unless the program is stopped. This usually takes a lot more work and there are in some cases special tools specifically made to remove this one type of virus. If you are given the name of the virus, searching the name of it on Google usually displays results of removal tips or guides from others who have also been infected.

If you had to manually remove the virus(es) you can give yourself a pat on the back but don’t get too excited yet. To prevent this problem from happening you must discover how you were infected in the first place and not to make the same mistake again. Look back at the way you used your computer daily. Don’t make the same mistake twice, reduce your chances of being infected.

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Computer Protection – Viruses and Spyware

Computer Protection – Viruses and Spyware

All computers in this world are prone to various virus attacks. Therefore, all computers need to have their own security systems to protect themselves against any such harmful attacks. Computers require certain software that acts as security software and does the task of virus scan and protect the computers against spyware. Computers also need security from worms, Trojan horses, key loggers, or hackers that may steal the confidential financial information such as credit card numbers and internet passwords.

To protect your computer against any virus attack or the dangers of the spyware, computers must have some sort of antivirus software. Anti virus programs will ensure that your computer scans any material that is downloaded on your computer. If there is any virus present in the document or the program, the antivirus prompts the you to either clean the document or not to open it or download it. If the computer contains a firewall, it functions in a similar manner for the purpose of virus protection. The presence of anti spyware ensures that spyware is also detected and appropriate actions taken to protect your computer. Spyware is a program that gets installed on the computers without you realizing it. In a way, it is more dangerous than the viruses and therefore the spyware remove option must also be enabled in any spyware removal program that is installed on your computer.

In order to protect your computer against attacks from viruses or spyware the necessary precautions must be taken as soon as the computer is installed. You must collect information about the possible virus attack and install appropriate anti virus software. Along with the anti virus software you must learn about the dangers of spyware and install anti spyware software on your computers.

A website that provides sufficient information about the different types of viruses and spyware programs is Internet Safety Center. The Website provides education about ways to protect computers against any possible virus or spyware attacks and recommends proactive solutions. The solutions may be in the form of some precautionary steps that you must take when installing a computer or certain security software that must be installed along with other software at the initial stage.

Scott Cantroll is an expert in computer security with over 10 years experience. I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies dealing directly with virus, spyware and identity theft protection. My website is http://www.internetsafetycenter.com where I have recommended and ranked the best antivirus and spyware software. The website also contains information about identity theft and computer backup protection. Parents who are concerned about their children on the internet can find information about social networking dangers, cyber-bullying and software designed specifically for kids

Be Aware Of Computer Viruses

Be Aware Of Computer Viruses
A computer virus is usually a program put together by others with the harmful aim of damaging the computer in which this program could be run. The destruction is not into the physical hardware, but affects the software, and therefore the operations that one is able to perform with the computer are hindered. The viruses can spread from just one computer when they are networked together, as well as via the internet, or when transferring data from one computer to another by way of removable disks.

The viruses usually get attached to such files such as batch files or executable files, and hen such files hosting them are run, they get activated and then saved onto the hard drive of the computer or just on its memory. They then are able to damage files that are present in the computer, such that they cannot be viewed or even get deleted altogether. They may even affect the normal operations of the computer such that certain commands do not get executed by the computer. The computer could also begin to restart itself quite s lot for no apparent reason or show you that it is facing some malfunction of that is not that is not understandable. You thus have to ensure that you have got a credible anti-virus program installed so that your computer is protected from such inconveniences that the virus is likely to cause.
Though the viruses are dangerous and quite inconveniencing, at times we give the virus too much credit than it deserves. The viruses are not able to infect files that are write-protected or even documents. The viruses are also not able to infect the files that are compressed unless the files where the originals had been stored had gotten infected with the virus before being compressed. Also, as stated earlier, the viruses are only able to affect the computer software, not the hardware, which refers to the tangible parts.
The most common method of spreading the computer viruses is through the flash drives. You should thus ensure that the flash drive on your computer s regularly scanned by the antivirus program on your computer so as to keep your computer free of risk. Also ensure that the network of which your computer is part is safe and secure. The importance of the anti-virus cannot be over-stressed. Should your computer get infected by an anti-virus and you do not know what to do, call a computer technician.

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