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Cleaning the Internal Dust of the Laptop

Cleaning the Internal Dust of the Laptop

We all clean our devices for the better performance, but many think physical cleaning of the computer has not nothing to do with the performance of the devices. I would like to differ on this, as cleaning of your computer can help if you are looking for a reliable computer. A computer which is physically cleaned computer will have a long life than the other one.
Today we will discuss some of the important things that will help us to get the computer cleaned. The reason to get the computer cleaned is, computer has much part which emits heat and thus the exhaust is used in both the Laptops and desktop to keep this part cool. In process of keeping the computer cool the exhaust fan attracts lot of heat. The older Laptops may face problem of overheating and then shutdown on its own these common problem can be overcome with simple steps which are mentioned below.  
Step 1
Please turn off the computer and disconnect the power supply for at least 5 minutes as the mother board can store the static electricity for a while. Once you have power drained the laptop please remove the battery of the Laptop.
Step 2
Please check with the manufacturer for the warranty guidelines as the opening of the cover will void the warranty and if you are using a laptop which is more than 1 year old you are already  out of the warranty so you can open the cover with the help of standard Screw driver.
Step 3
Once the cover is removed please use Cotton Swab to clean the fan of the Laptop. In case you are facing problems while cleaning you can remove the fan and then clean it, but please don’t be too harsh as it may break the fan.
Step 4
Once the fan is cleaned please  check the vent of the Laptop and then clean the vent both from inside and outside with the help of compressed air but please keep your eyes away as the dust is very harm full for your eyes and also keep the air pressure too high as the chips may break under high pressure.

Step 5
Once you have cleaned the fan now unscrew the DVD ROM and then clean the lenses and the DVD ROM with the help of Rubbing Alcohol. Once the DVD ROM is cleaned you can use the compress air to blow the dust from the rest of the computer and this should not take more that few minutes.
Step 6
Once you have cleaned the Laptop check the thermal grease on the processor of the laptop if it looks a lot dusty please remove the thermal grease and then re apply it on the processor. In order to remove the thermal grease less concreted Alcohol and apply thermal grease that is easily available in the computer store.

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