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The computer terror called Best Malware Protection

The computer terror called Best Malware Protection

You think you have done everything to protect your computer from serious threats, but here comes another new addition to the huge section of rogue antispyware and your safeguard might crumble into pieces before you know it. Best Malware Protection is a sneaky parasite, which pretends to be a real security program, while in fact it brings nothing but destruction. If you happened to have detected this rogue in your computer, don’t procrastinate and destroy Best Malware Protection immediately.

This rogue antispyware comes from the same family tree as other notorious pests, such as My Security Shield, Internet Antivirus 2011, Internet Security Essentials and many more. With a list of dangerous security threats behind its back, Best Malware Protection is obviously a parasite which can bring your system down and knows exactly how to do it. This rogue most often enters your system bundled together with a Trojan infection. This means that the infection can stay dormant for some time, before it is ready to assault you. Also, you might not know exactly when Best Malware Protection enters your system, because at first the Trojan that it comes along with, might seem to be performing a useful function. But it is a very deceitful feature of this infection, because in the end it brings only damage to your computer.

When Best Malware Protection roots in your system it tries its best to convince you it is a genuine security tool. This is a method common to all rogue antispyware applications. Rogues like Best Malware Protection masquerades as real security products to the point that they copy the design and graphics of known and popular security programs. Don’t be fooled by this fraud, because if you fall into this trap you will lose your money.

That is right, when Best Malware Protection urges you to protect your computer from various “threats”, it wants you to buy the licensed version of the program. Obviously, the money you would spend on this program will be wasted, while the parasite will remain in your computer, crippling it further. Do what is in your best interest and terminate Best Malware Protection right now.

Computer security is an important issue with a bunch of threats emerging every single day. As an avid Internet and computer user it is my objective to share information with fellow netizens in hopes of providing help.

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The Best Solution for Computer Viruses

The Best Solution for Computer Viruses

Is your computer malfunctioning, or is it restarting automatically? May be your computer is infected by virus. How to make your computer virus free? You can consult a computer repair company that offer tech support to the computer users to deal with virus related issues. Otherwise, you can also try some steps on your own to make your computer virus free. This article has been designed to offer you brief idea about how to get the best solution for computer viruses.

Before digging deep into discussion, let’s have a look at what computer virus exactly is. It is a small software program which has been designed to corrupt or delete data on your computer. Viruses are spread by using e-mail program. In most of the cases it is spread by attachments in e-mail messages or through IM messages. Viruses are sent in the form of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files.

Now, let’s discuss how you will know that your computer is infected by viruses. If your computer runs more slowly than usual, if your PC crashes and restarts frequently, if applications on your computer start malfunctioning, if you cannot access disks or disk drives are inaccessible, if you get pop ups continuously then your computer is infected by viruses.

The million dollar question is how to protect your computer from viruses. There are many antivirus programs available in the market that offers you the best protection for your computer against viruses. You can install any of these antivirus programs and update it regularly. Most of the renowned antivirus service providers offer trial version. So, you can install this free version and if you are satisfied with the performance, then go for the paid version. Norton, Mcafee, Avg, Avast, etc. are some of the popular names in this regard.

There are many remote computer services companies that offer virus removal support to the computer users. Along with support they also offer other services such as how to protect your computer from identity theft, operating system support, data recovery support, PC software support. The user doesn’t need to pay hefty bucks to avail this service. Tech support plans of these companies are quite reasonable and the user doesn’t need to take their PC to a repair shop.

These companies offer virus removal support through remote desktop service. They have certified technicians who connect the computer remotely via encrypted software and fix all virus related issues. So, the computer users only need to call their number and the rest will be taken care of by them. This mode of service is safe, secured, reliable, affordable and easily attainable. They also run periodic scan to protect the computer from malicious objects.

Getting antivirus support from a PC repair company is very popular in the recent times. There is no dearth of companies that offer remote tech support to the computer users to cope with virus related issues.

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