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PST File Issues Due to Anti-Virus Software

PST File Issues Due to Anti-Virus Software

Microsoft Office Outlook uses personal folder (PST file) to store local copies of all email messages and other Outlook items. The file is loaded each time when you start Outlook. If you are using an anti-virus software to scan the file, the odds are that it might prevent you to open PST. It mainly occurs due to certain incompatibilities issues. Also, if the file is damaged or infected from virus, you will get similar symptoms and errors. Such situations cause data loss and require you to recover from the most recent PST backup you have. At times, when no file backup is available or the available backup is not valid enough that you could restore lost information from it, you should use advanced Outlook PST Repair tools that can effectively repair and restore a damaged PST file.

As an example, when you start Microsoft Office Outlook, you get the similar error message displaying on screen:

“Your Anti-Virus software has blocked the file you were trying to open.

You should ensure your Anti-Virus software is fully up to date and try opening the file again. It is important to note that the blocked file may also contain a virus which your Anti-Virus software has not been able to remove. In this case you should treat the file with caution.”

Application crashes after you receive this error message.


You encounter such errors if one of the following conditions exists:

• The antivirus software you are using is incompatible with Microsoft Office Outlook. It might also occur if you are using an outdated anti-virus software and its signature files are damaged.
• You are trying to open a virus infected PST and the anti-virus software in use cannot remove that virus
• PST file is damaged


The solution depends on the root of the issue. Try resolving the aforementioned issue using these methods:

• To update your antivirus software from the recent updates, you can download the updated virus signature file that vendors of antivirus software provide periodically. This is done on the basis of new virus created.
• If you don’t doubt that the antivirus software or its signature files is the issue, the file might be infected from virus that your antivirus software is unable to remove. Such files should be deleted as soon as possible and restored from backup. Alternatively (when no valid PST file backup is available), you can use commercial tools that could Repair Outlook PST and restore it at a safe location.
• If PST file is corrupted, no anti-virus software and Microsoft Office can handle such file. Such PST file needs to be repaired. To perform PST Repair, you can use these methods:

To repair damaged PST file, you can use Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe), which is a built-in tool of MS Outlook to deal with PST corruption errors. If you are using Outlook 2003 or an earlier version, you can locate the tool at one of the following locations:

:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi33\
:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI33

In Outlook 2007, the same tool is found at this location:

:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Here, disk drive represents the primary drive of your system, usually C.
To scan your damaged PST file using Inbox Repair Tool, you can follow these steps in order:

(i) Click Start and then, depending upon the operating system in use, point to Search or Find
(ii) Next, type scanpst.exe in Search for files or folders named box
(iii) Open the located tool by double-clicking the icon
(iv) Specify the PST file path and click Start

This will give you an error-free PST file.

• If Inbox Repair Tool cannot repair the damaged PST file, it is recommended to use third-party Repair Outlook PST tools. Such software are special purposed tools, designed to use advanced PST file repair algorithms. Besides basic Outlook PST Repair functionalities, they provide graphically rich user interface, safe scanning procedure and well-maintained documentation. You can use these products in any case when you find PST file as damaged or unreadable.

For best PST file repair results, use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. The tool is an advanced, safe and comprehensive product that could Repair Outlook PST in all cases of file corruption. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The software can restore all email messages, notes, journals, tasks, appointments, calendar items and other Outlook items. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT. It also provides PST Password Recovery and Split PST options.

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Choosing The Most Suitable Anti-virus Software?

Choosing The Most Suitable Anti-virus Software?
In the present World wide web planet, in case your computer system is unprotected, it is not only insecure rather it can be currently attacked. There are numerous laptop or computer viruses, spyware, Trojans along with malware which can be created every single day. Moreover, the virus landscape has also changed significantly – viruses which were used to be annoying pranks have got significantly evolved into critical risks, that happen to be effective at not simply doing damage to your computer hardware, however thieving of one’s valuable data as well as identification too.

So as to secure your pc from all of these critical threats, you may need the most effective anti-virus software. Well, the electronic market today is flooded with plenty of antiviruses and every brand name states be the greatest. The way your select the best virus protection tool? Although it looks a tricky job, but if you keep specific things in the mind, you can definitely find the perfect tool out from the several options.

There are many essential factors that you need to take into account when getting an antivirus software for your personal computer or even notebook system.

However the majority of protection resources claim they can have multi-layered protection, several are undoubtedly a lot more detailed as compared to others. The top anti-virus software will include conventional protection from hazards for example viruses, Trojans, worms, along with spyware, though the tool furthermore consists of defense from keyloggers, e-mail borne threats, phishing scams along with rootkits, and so on. Because computer virus protections tools are created to safeguard coming from dangers in case they dont work nicely after that whats the usage of them. For that reason, make sure you primary examine antivirus reviews on several manufacturers then pick the right one to match your safety needs. Anti-virus software program opinions give a good idea about which tool you ought to pick.

Anti-virus software program shouldn’t be difficult to install. The set up process ought to be easy so you could run the protection tool without any difficulty. Lots of people believe that antivirus software program is a sophisticated element to operate. And it’s also true, due to the fact many such tools possess intricate functions, which a normal individual can not understand. Consequently, the tool should be simple in order that a newcomer can also set up and also operate all of the features without having problem.

Functions are generally again the most essential items that you need to think about. On the other hand, the features from the tool needs to be well-rounded. Protection software program will have to possess up-date function. Viruses are generally identified along with added to databases every time. Therefore, it is important that the virus definition lists updates in the same manner. Todays best antivirus software resources are very well designed with automatic updates and also dont even slow down your computer system.

Todays antivirus software comes with an in-depth manual and offers effortless methods to the user. Moreover, support features will also be provided. Many major companies offer 27×7 support by way of live chat, email, or phone.

Hence, if you wish your computer system to be shielded from trojans as well as other threats then look for the most successful tool by considering all the above things in mind.

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