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Get Rid Of Top Antispyware – A Rogue Anti Spyware Program

Get Rid Of Top Antispyware – A Rogue Anti Spyware Program

What is Top AntiSpywareas?

Top AntiSpywareis a false malware program and fake optimization tool that comes from the same family of other malware application like System Defragmenter and Smart Defragmenter. It is one of the most widely spread malware program nowadays. It pretends to be a good optimizing tool for your system but in reality it is a fake malware program that is developed with the purpose to earn money and fool people. This fake malware application hijacks internet browser, restricts legitimate software to run and shows several fake messages and security alerts that are displayed with the purpose to make user convince that their system is badly affected with many spywares and viruses.

This fake antivirus is spread with the help of Trojans. When this Trojan enters into user’s computer, it automatically downloads and installs Top AntiSpywareon your system without your knowledge and permission. And this fake malware runs each time the system is started.

When this malware application enters into your system, it start performing fake scanning and displays many fake scanning alerts which states that there are many malware and spyware infections which will not be fixed unless you will not purchase this program. But in reality there are no such infections ad malwares existing in your system. Some of the security alert messages displayed by this malware application are:

“System Restore
The system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.”

“Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.”

“Critical Error
Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.”

“Critical Error
Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.”

How this Malware application is dangerous?
As it is a corrupt and fake malware program and malware application.
It automatically installs into system without knowledge and permission.
It may be responsible for adding additional malware and spywares to your system.
It ruins privacy and compromises security.
It hijacks internet browser and restricts other security programs to run.

Remove Top AntiSpywareas

As stated above this is an enormously dangerous malware program that badly affects users system. So Remove Top AntiSpyware as soon as detected. This fake anti spyware program can be removed manually but it should be done with extra care as any mistake can result in damage of the operating system. Apart from this you can use third party software to Get rid of Top AntiSpywareas.

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Antispyware – The Right Combination For a Complete PC Protection

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Antispyware – The Right Combination For a Complete PC Protection


There’s a famous saying, “Two heads are better than one”. But what’s better than two heads? Three. There are many of those who claim the best antivirus program out there. The most popular antivirus programs out there are maintained and kept updated by companies that are already there for a very long time. However, studies made recently show that there is a considerable decrease in the effectiveness of most antivirus softwares especially the most popular ones. Detection rates of new viruses and other malicious programs dropped in the previous years. Why is this? This is because the modern virus is developed by professional authors who tested their programs with the major antivirus softwares before releasing them out to the internet. They have been successful and continue to fulfill these activities through the financial support of some organizations.

With the multitude of harmful and dangerous programs out there, how do you completely protect your PC? The best solution is to expand your PC’s capabilities to detect most of these viruses by having a broader library of known viruses and malwares, and known behavioral patterns. Therefore, two or more antivirus programs running in your PC is better, thus the saying, ” Two heads are better than one”. However, with most popular antivirus programs, only one of them can be installed in your PC at a time. Running more than one of them can lead to serious performance issues.

To get a complete PC protection, the best way is to combine two or more less popular softwares, each having more control with a certain type or group of viruses and malwares. One antivirus could have more ability of detecting new viruses and have wide library of known viruses, one capable of identifying the most stealthy spywares, and the other detecting every other malwares intruding into your PC. These will also significantly expand your library of viruses and malwares as these antivirus programs identifies viruses and malwares at different times. They are also capable of detecting new viruses as new viruses are more focused to resist against more popular antivirus programs. How do you select these antivirus programs? These programs are named after which they are specialized with. You could choose one with a name containing Antivirus, one with Anti-malware, and the other with the name Antispyware. There is a wide choice of programs available in the internet to choose from. However, you should also take caution in selecting an antivirus program for some malwares disguise themselves as an antivirus waiting to show up and attack once intruded into your PC.



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