25 thoughts on “Review Of Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool 2011”

  1. Thank you very much for your help, your the best. In regards to the McAfee,
    I got it free with my computer and thought I might as well use it until it
    expires. I was then going to switch to Virgin media security, should I just
    use the free software that you have recommended?

  2. That’s a good note to make, it just depends on the type of problem you
    have. Really if you can run it in normal, do so. If not, then go to safe

  3. Some viruses keep people from being able to execute files outside of safe
    mode, that is why I make it a requirement in my virus removal videos.

  4. Sorry it’s not about this video but I have two question: 1. Will
    hibernating my windows 7 laptop slow down or damage my computer? 2. Is
    uTorrent safe to download and can McAfee Antivirus prevent any torrents
    harming my computer? If you could answer these questions I would really
    apprecate it bu if not then don’t worry. Thanks and keep up the good

  5. Well my sd card still works on my brothers laptop and on my wii, which is
    why I think it has to do with my computer.

  6. Since that is the case, wouldn’t it make sense to be extra super thorough
    and run the tool in both modes. I think trying both modes would be worth
    it, since normal mode (if not preventing Kaspersky from executing its
    files) scans nearly ten times the number of files as safe mode?

  7. 1. No, it will now slow down or damage your computer – it does run limited
    power at the time so it can suck down your battery life and eventually
    cause it to “crash” – which CAN cause operating system instability. 2.
    Torrents in general are not safe unless reviews of the torrent file are
    well established. Of course, I only recommend using torrents for legal use

  8. if your firewall and windows defender is disabled with error 0x80070424 and
    if you cant download anything know matter what browser you does that mean
    you have malware?

  9. Can you please help me? I got an sd card but my computer doesn’t even
    detect it anymore, I’ve tested it on a different computer and it worked
    fine. I really don’t know why my computer won’t read it since it’s the same
    sd card I always used on my computer. I’ve seen your vid on how to change
    the drive letter but that didn’t work for me. The only way my computer can
    read it is if I restart my computer and leave it plugged in. Please make a
    video or something explaining what I can do.

  10. And when I talked about restarting my computer i meant that i have to leave
    my sd card plugged in, btw my computer reads usb drives just fine.

  11. Right now I use Camtasia Studio but I have a video at my channel on how to
    record in HD with CamStudio (different product) free.

  12. I believe Kaspersky holds it’s own against bit defender. Your best bet is
    to google it for now. I will add this to my iCast list. Thanks!

  13. Oh, and McAfee is horrible, switch to an alternative. Free I recommend
    Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast! – Commercial I recommend Kaspersky
    or NOD32

  14. Why use safe mode? When I first used the tool (in normal mode) it scanned
    over 900,000 files. After I saw your video, I scanned it in safe mode —
    it scanned only about 125,000 files. The tool itself had a warning message
    that safe mode would prevent certain actions of the tool. Nowhere on the
    Kaspersky site does it say anything about using safe mode, so why do you
    recommend doing so?

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