25 thoughts on “Remove Malware Rogue Security Sphere 2012 by britec”

  1. i got this fucking virus about 3 weeks ago pissed me off, it’s one crazy
    virus i’ll give it that much

  2. What I do was download OllyICE, change the name to iexplorer.exe, then run
    it. in the window i go to file -> attach, choose the window and click OK.
    After that i just simply close the OllyICE window and it gone 🙂

  3. Thanks for showing this video. I got infected with this virus Sunday last
    week. I followed all the steps, but there are indications that remnants of
    this virus is still on my computer. I think it’s because on the “programs
    data” folder, there were two folders I did not delete because I thought
    they were legit. They were both labeled as random letters and numbers,
    beginning and ending with “{ }”. In them were legit-looking files such as
    DifXInstall64.exe. Should I have deleted them?

  4. This virus really pissed me off, how the f it got into my computer despite
    having anti virus installed??? anyone can tell me??

  5. security sphere 2012 still runs for me even in safe mode networking! im so
    angry i don’t know what do now

  6. Hey britec, I had one called something along the lines of windows malicious
    software removal, it wasnt from windows and locked my laptop down and told
    me my harddrive was broken, but i reinstalled a clean version of vista and
    worked fine anyway… :/

  7. so i’ve made it to the point at 2:14, but i’m not seeing any files that
    look like those. any suggestions?

  8. Is this the same kind of fake virus scanner like System Tool? Are there any
    common threads on where these come from? My computer was infected by System
    Tool about 6 months ago just before yuo uploaded your video on how to
    remove it, sod’s law! Great video again.

  9. HEAR IS THE ACTIVATION CODE, 8945315-6548431 this will release your
    computer so you can just use the unintaller in the add/remove pannel

  10. Thank you very much you just saved my computer I was about to throw it out
    the window. This was extremely helpful. It seems to be working flawlessly
    for now hopefully this would be the end it 🙂

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