Remove a virus with | Eset Online Scanner Tutorial

The eset online scanner is another program that us the computer techs use. My purpose is to show you the way and you go from there. Eset link: http://www.ese…

In this video I’ll explain you about where viruses come from, what antiviruses does etc. It also includes the most effective way of cleaning viruses….
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16 thoughts on “Remove a virus with | Eset Online Scanner Tutorial”

  1. i have avast 5 and i also use ESET online Scanner for a second opinion.
    Just amazing,you have the same scan as all the NOD ESSET paying mambers,and
    it can also remove malware. also have winpatrol plus.

  2. nice to know.2 Questions.Do you have to run in safe mode with networking?
    And if you have another antivirus do you have to disable it?Thanks

  3. @c94112w yes it does work..i wouldn’t recommend something that you cant
    use. Give it a try my friend…:)

  4. this tutorial is very informative. Could you please how to fix the windows
    damages caused by viruses and malware without reinstallation of windows 7.
    I have a problem of opening a folder. when I open a folder, a dialogbox
    pups up. how to solve this window damage ?

  5. Ha man that was a really old comment i already have like 2 new laptops but
    if i were you i would just get a reboot disk. and trust me anti virus
    software was not good enough for that

  6. Idian!!!!!! Thanks Alot i got more questions Can you send me your e-mail I
    still got more errors………

  7. heeelppp me i cant do anything but go on the internet i cant go on control
    panel or nothing plz i think its a worm and i tried downloading stuufff but
    it wont open help me plzzzz i will be in big trouble plzz help mee!!!

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