Protect Your Computer Against The Top Viruses In 2010 With Remote Computer Support

Protect Your Computer Against The Top Viruses In 2010 With Remote Computer Support
Computer virus is perhaps that largest threat to the Computer & Tech world. This small program has got immense potential to offer you many sleepless night. Your computer can easily get infected by viruses if proper initiative is not taken. In this article we have discussed about some of the top computer viruses in 2010 and how to protect your computer against them.

The arena of computer viruses has been evolving constantly. More and more new viruses are coming to the market and to fight against them more advanced computer security features are being employed. Before delving deeper into the discussion, lets have a look what computer virus is. This is a software program that copies itself and spreads from one computer to another. If the computer gets infected by viruses, it starts malfunctioning. Not only that, dangerous computer viruses also cooperate with a remote host and transfers vital and confidential data from the users computer.

Many remote computer repair companies are there which offer virus removal support to the computer users. Computer viruses are of various types and they are also known as different names like malicious software, and malware. There are also spyware, rootkits, trojans, computer worms, and some unethical adware as well. You should also know the difference between malware, adware and spyware to fight against them.

When it comes to the most dangerous viruses in 2010, the list is quite long. Troj/FakeAV-BVP, W32/AutoRun-BJS, Troj/Agent-PAP, Mal/VB-LP, Troj/Mdrop-CZQ, Mal/Krap-I, Troj/BredoZp-BH, Troj/FakeAV-BVQ, Troj/Cosmu-K, and Troj/Agent-PAQ are just to name a few among them. McAfee, the renowned antivirus software provider has published a list of recent computer viruses of 2010. It includes viruses like W32/UA07!BAA8EF887F3B,!09296D911D04, MSIL/Terdial.D, W32/Autorun.worm.q, Stuxnet, Ms .NET JIT 3228, Ms Wind TLSv1 3229, Ms WindOTFont 2741, Exploit-CVE2010-2568, Exploit-CVE2010-0814, Ms IE HO RCE 2746, W32/VBMania@MM, MSFT Win SMB Val Vuln, and Ms Wind New Cl 3223.

According to McAfee the biggest virus threat emerges from social networking platforms as well as from the thousands of apps that we download in our smartphones and in computer. All of these computer viruses pose a great threat to your desktop computer and laptop computer. To fight against them it is a must to take all necessary precautions. Install powerful antivirus software on your computer. It is strongly recommended to go for paid antivirus software as the free antivirus programs are not completely reliable. The software must be updated regularly so that it can fight against the latest viruses. It is also suggested to install anti-spyware and anti-malware software on your computer.

If you find it difficult to installing antivirus and related software on your computer you can talk to online computer services companies. They offer tech support services at a very reasonable price.

Contacting remote computer support service provider is the easiest way to fix virus issues. There is no dearth of such PC support service providers that offer assistance to the computer users round the clock.

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