Get Rid Of Top Antispyware – A Rogue Anti Spyware Program

Get Rid Of Top Antispyware – A Rogue Anti Spyware Program

What is Top AntiSpywareas?

Top AntiSpywareis a false malware program and fake optimization tool that comes from the same family of other malware application like System Defragmenter and Smart Defragmenter. It is one of the most widely spread malware program nowadays. It pretends to be a good optimizing tool for your system but in reality it is a fake malware program that is developed with the purpose to earn money and fool people. This fake malware application hijacks internet browser, restricts legitimate software to run and shows several fake messages and security alerts that are displayed with the purpose to make user convince that their system is badly affected with many spywares and viruses.

This fake antivirus is spread with the help of Trojans. When this Trojan enters into user’s computer, it automatically downloads and installs Top AntiSpywareon your system without your knowledge and permission. And this fake malware runs each time the system is started.

When this malware application enters into your system, it start performing fake scanning and displays many fake scanning alerts which states that there are many malware and spyware infections which will not be fixed unless you will not purchase this program. But in reality there are no such infections ad malwares existing in your system. Some of the security alert messages displayed by this malware application are:

“System Restore
The system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.”

“Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.”

“Critical Error
Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.”

“Critical Error
Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.”

How this Malware application is dangerous?
As it is a corrupt and fake malware program and malware application.
It automatically installs into system without knowledge and permission.
It may be responsible for adding additional malware and spywares to your system.
It ruins privacy and compromises security.
It hijacks internet browser and restricts other security programs to run.

Remove Top AntiSpywareas

As stated above this is an enormously dangerous malware program that badly affects users system. So Remove Top AntiSpyware as soon as detected. This fake anti spyware program can be removed manually but it should be done with extra care as any mistake can result in damage of the operating system. Apart from this you can use third party software to Get rid of Top AntiSpywareas.

The computer terror called Best Malware Protection

The computer terror called Best Malware Protection

You think you have done everything to protect your computer from serious threats, but here comes another new addition to the huge section of rogue antispyware and your safeguard might crumble into pieces before you know it. Best Malware Protection is a sneaky parasite, which pretends to be a real security program, while in fact it brings nothing but destruction. If you happened to have detected this rogue in your computer, don’t procrastinate and destroy Best Malware Protection immediately.

This rogue antispyware comes from the same family tree as other notorious pests, such as My Security Shield, Internet Antivirus 2011, Internet Security Essentials and many more. With a list of dangerous security threats behind its back, Best Malware Protection is obviously a parasite which can bring your system down and knows exactly how to do it. This rogue most often enters your system bundled together with a Trojan infection. This means that the infection can stay dormant for some time, before it is ready to assault you. Also, you might not know exactly when Best Malware Protection enters your system, because at first the Trojan that it comes along with, might seem to be performing a useful function. But it is a very deceitful feature of this infection, because in the end it brings only damage to your computer.

When Best Malware Protection roots in your system it tries its best to convince you it is a genuine security tool. This is a method common to all rogue antispyware applications. Rogues like Best Malware Protection masquerades as real security products to the point that they copy the design and graphics of known and popular security programs. Don’t be fooled by this fraud, because if you fall into this trap you will lose your money.

That is right, when Best Malware Protection urges you to protect your computer from various “threats”, it wants you to buy the licensed version of the program. Obviously, the money you would spend on this program will be wasted, while the parasite will remain in your computer, crippling it further. Do what is in your best interest and terminate Best Malware Protection right now.

Computer security is an important issue with a bunch of threats emerging every single day. As an avid Internet and computer user it is my objective to share information with fellow netizens in hopes of providing help.

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When it comes to computer viruses – The Key is to prevent them

When it comes to computer viruses – The Key is to prevent them


A virus that infects your computer is not all that unlike a virus infects your body: it slows you down and can be passed from you to the people you keep in touch with. But the good news is that preventing viruses is not difficult.

Just as you can prevent infections in your body by taking simple steps like washing your hands, you can prevent viruses from infecting your computer. An up-to-date anti-virus program is the key to keeping malicious files – viruses – off of the hard drive of your computer.

Most viruses infect your computer via e-mail, World Wide Web servers, and even through the network your computer. Viruses can be an executable file that is sent as an email attachment, or included as a macro function in a document written in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Once a computer is infected with one or more viruses, it is not difficult for the virus to spread. If you forward a Word or Excel document with a macro virus on a network server, the virus will replicate on the computer of another user who opens it. If you email the document to another user as an attachment, when they file their computer can become infected open. Similarly, if the file to add to a website and it is downloaded, if the user has installed software to prevent viruses or her computer is probably infected.

Thus preventing viruses is an ongoing process – one that is important to undertake.

While it may seem like a big task, preventing viruses is not hard to do. The first simple step is to ensure that your computer software up to date. Security updates will be posted for your operating system to patch areas that can be targeted by viruses. Set your computer to automatically check for updates to the operating system.

Also because some viruses are spread within individual programs rather than through the operating system, it is important to check for program updates – particularly for Microsoft Word and Excel.

Speaking of software, another important step for preventing viruses is to install anti-virus software on your computer. There are a number of popular anti-virus brands as effective but less common programs. Take the time to determine the best anti-virus software for protecting your computer based on your computing needs.

And of course once, you have software installed to prevent viruses, make sure you get the software up to date. Make sure that it operates from a current list of viruses and that it is set to help protect your computer from viruses at all times.

That way, you will be able to document that you e-mail scanning before opening them. You’ll also be able to get the documents that you downloaded from a website to scan, because even those files that are stored on trusted sites can be infected with one or more viruses.

By scanning documents in advance, you will prevent viruses infecting your computer. However, if you have not scanned from a document and are not familiar with the source, use the macros in the document box.

In addition to scanning documents and disabling macros, you can use other measures to prevent viruses. You can prevent file sharing unless absolutely necessary. You can delete emails – especially those with attachments – coming from sources you do not recognize.

And, of course, one of the best ways to prevent viruses from infecting your computer is aware. Know what viruses out there, how viruses are written and distributed and how they use your computer, so you can early detect and stop that to get through the spread of influence.

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