How to Fix Overheating Computers

How to Fix Overheating Computers

I am employed as a Cashier. My job involves making bills, maintaining cash, data and facts entry, etc. The 80% of my work is done on computer. My sharp mind and swiftness helped me to serve more consumers. My boss was satisfied with my performance. Everyone used to ask me the secret of such a high performance. I usually replied it’s me, my PC and the tech support team.

It was the month of November and a peak season at our electronics showroom. We hardly got time to relax. Unexpectedly, my system restarted while I was creating a bill for a consumer. Once the system restarted, I proceed with my work. But after sometime, system got froze. I shut down the system. I realized that something has gone wrong. I checked the PC, it was overheated. In the meantime, I had to make manual entries of the bill which resulted in a long queue of consumers at my desk. I waited for some time and restarted the PC. I felt quite low and could not concentrate on my work. All of a sudden, one of the regular consumers asked about my tech support.

I immediately connected to www.iyogi.netfor the online chat support as I had to support my consumers at the same time. They suggested me to run a disc cleanup. I followed the steps and restarted the PC. But it still froze. Now, the next option was to keep a system at a cool place, which was not possible at this point of time. Finally, they wanted me to run a virus scan. I started the scan. Once the scan was finished, I received a list of viruses and spywares. My loyal avast! ™ Pro Antivirus Software removed these viruses and spywares. I restarted the computer once again.

It responded very well.  I thanked the tech support for their valuable time and great assistance.

We, tech support and me, end the reign of terror (virus & spywares) online. Presently, my consumers contact me over the official phone to ask for the tech support service I have enrolled for. Try great experience with the right knowledge and best assistance from Iyogi Technical Support.


Vicky Marshall has worked with numerous hardware and software companies in the US, which provide online technical support to customers for their computer devices. Vicky is also an expert in providing computer support for pc problems like blue screen error, computer optimization and pc tune up.


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Computer Tech Support is all about Making Computing Simple

Computer Tech Support is all about Making Computing Simple

There is no computer existing today which can do without tech support. It forms the basis of all online activity. Computer technical support deals with software and hardware issues and as to how the applications on your PC can work optimally. Often computers might work slowly. By availing of technical support you can improve the speed of the functioning of your PC.

You can also now avail of online computer support that helps in dealing with your PC issues through chat or email facility. Your computer might need technical assistance due to a variety of causes. The most common reason is dust but also slowing down of the system due to overloading of applications. Different sorts of software issues can arise such as design problems, function problems and testing issues. The fan of your PC overheating can be another issue that you might encounter. This can result in slowing down the overall functioning of your PC. Some of the other issues that you might face are computer logging problem, non functional printers, and scanner encountering problems in scanning, long time taken to boot etc. Computer tech support provides ready made solutions to all these issues.

The basis of having a successful computing experience is among other things to enjoy error free computing and to be rid of all sorts of issues that affect PC working. PCs are of various types from the high end to the basic and accordingly come with different sorts of applications. In owning your own PC the important things to be kept in mind are that all the applications work smoothly and that only you have access to your PC.

In other words it is important to ensure that the security of your computer is not compromised at any stage. You can achieve all these goals by relying on efficient technical support.

It is also now possible to solve all your technical problems by availing of remote access which involves enabling customer care executives who are skilled technical specialists to take charge of your system and provide up-to-date technical solutions to all your PC problems. Thus whatever your computer problems it is now possible to find instant solutions for them relying on up-to-date technical backup facilities. Apart from competent technical support personnel you can now avail of technical assistance through a variety of mediums such as through support websites, live internet chat, technical support services and onsite support.

You also need to be to be sure about the firm from which you are taking technical assistance and for this purpose you need to do proper research as to quality of service, pricing and wait period. Doing this is not as difficult as it seems and can be done by doing proper research instead of waiting for a problem to develop.

Tom Sally is a retired school teacher, who is now settled in San Francisco. He has recently been facing some computer related issues, and availed the services of a firm providing online technical support services to sort out numerous hardware & software errors.

Anti Malware Uninstaller – How to Remove Anti Malware?

Anti Malware Uninstaller – How to Remove Anti Malware?

Anti Malware Description:

Anti Malware is a rogue antivirus program that can not remove any kind of PC threats as it claims. Like many other rogue, Anti Malware applies deceptive methods to scare computer users to buy its false license. Anti Malware usually sneaks into a computer with the help of Trojans, and it pretends to scan your computer and then displays various virus notifications so as to make you think your system gets infected severely.

What’s more, Anti Malware will trigger numerous popup warnings telling that your computer is under attack, which is actually a scam acted by Anti Malware itself. You should know that most of the reported malware are your system files or created by this rogue program. Never try to believe them. In order to promote its software, you may also be misleaded to its websites and urged to buy its full version. Pay attention to Anti Malware, and if you find any trace of it, remove Anti Malware as soon as possible. You can follow our removal instruction to get rid of t Anti Malware.

How to Remove Anti Malware immediately and completely?

The best solution to remove Anti Malware is to use real Antispyware software that is powerful and reliable to secure your computer security.

Step1: Before you run the Antispyware software to remove Anti Malware, go to the Task Manager to check and end the Anti Malware process first. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete you can reach the Task Manager.

Step2: Remember to update your Antispyware software to its latest spyware signature database. This is essential as the most up to date security software always provides a most thorough and improved spyware detection and removal utility.

Step3: Then, please run the Antispyware software to start a full scan over your system. This will help detect Anti Malware and any other potential viruses immediately. Simply click Remove to get rid of all the malicious threats found on your computer.

Best Solution to Secure Your PC Here – Running Best Spyware Scanner!

Anti Malware, just like many other stubborn spyware, may be difficult to remove completely in some cases. So, I would like to recommend a reliable Antispyware – Best Spyware Scanner here. Importantly it has been proved to be very effective in removing Anti Malware and almost all the other computer threats. Moreover, the Online Scan of Best Spyware Scanner can be the best safeguard for your compute, which guarantees Anti Malware and any other malicious threats are detected and removed effectively and completely. You can also get prompt technical support from Best Spyware Scanner support team whenever contacting them.

To free from Anti Malware and any hidden viruses, spyware or malware, we sincerely suggest you free download Best Spyware Scanner here at and run a free scan on your computer right now. You will find that this amazing security program can bring you much more than you can imagine.