Is your PC Infected with the ‘AntiMalware’ Rogue AntiSpyware Program?

Is your PC Infected with the 'AntiMalware' Rogue AntiSpyware Program? AntiMalware is a fake security program that comes from the group of hackers that developed and marketed ma…

Antimalware Doctor is a rogue anti-spyware program that is installed through malware. When installed, Antimalware Doctor will be configured to start automati…
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26 thoughts on “Is your PC Infected with the ‘AntiMalware’ Rogue AntiSpyware Program?”

  1. I would like to say thank you so much for this! I mean, I got infected by
    this ass of all asses Antimalware Doc. 2 days ago and got it fixed last
    night by letting the Malwarebytes scanned through whole night. I found out
    later this morning that I got 82 infected! WTF??! o_O Jeebuz…. At least
    the goddamn Antimalware Doc. is gone for good. Good ridden! Yeah…thanks
    again! Let’s hope I will not encounter them again! 😀

  2. @RogueDoctor okay, i will! i’ll let you know, thank you so much for getting
    back to me so quickly

  3. Rkill didn’t worked for me.. but Malwarebytes got rid of that awfull
    Anti-Malware Doctor! Thank you very much

  4. I went with safe mode and opened my browser and downloaded malarbytes. but
    when it opened it was saying something like windows cannot access the
    specified device,path , or file. You may not have the appropriate
    permissons to acces the item. Please twell me , what do I do ?and my google
    chrome stopped working

  5. @AzzahBabe the exact same thing is happening to my cousins laptop and its
    starting to get iritating, he has many important things on their and im
    guessing just like him you dont want to format your computer / laptop.

  6. @Pwner1432 camtasia studio 7, go to my other channel JerkTutorials and in
    that channel you will see some tutorials of camtasia studio 7 :p

  7. um, it’s still on my computer- did the rkill, and had malwarebytes full
    scan and it did show antimalware and i did remove it and restart my
    computer- but i turned on my computer and it’s still on!!!! what do i do?!

  8. @RogueDoctor i updated it, etc, and i think it’s finally gone, thank you so
    much!!! SO glad i subbed to you

  9. You can also manipulate it by using system restre twice after it doesn’t
    work … for some reason it gets beat out maybe the thing got owned because
    it was going insane

  10. @PaleLittleGirl1 try Updating Malwarebytes By Opening Malwarebytes go to
    the Update tab and click update, and then make a full scan and try deleting
    it, if it still there PM Me!

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