HOW TO REMOVE easily (Removal guide) shows up as a new tab choice on your browser offering a search engine. It is a browser virus without doubt as it comes into your computer wi…
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Remove United States Courts Virus Step by Step Here we have another ransomware removal video, this one is United States Courts Virus, which is a infection th…
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49 thoughts on “HOW TO REMOVE easily (Removal guide)”

  1. may the creator(s) of this delta sh*t be so damned that even the mightiest
    God won’t help him and let him burn forever in hell. dammit -,-

  2. @George Ballsack Thank you so much George for your help, I got rid of Delta
    finally! Here is his post: George ballsack 3 weeks ago
    “for Google chrome: click menu in top right corner tools extensions (if it
    says you have no extensions go to settings scroll to bottom click show
    advanced settings click reset browser settings!! FUCK YOU DELTA BITCH”

  3. Fuck this companyyyyyy ,that idiot toolbar replaced all my home pages with
    this stupid webage,hope the programmers get their pc infected by their own
    troll viruses!!!

  4. Im gonna swear him 100 times im gonna chop his head im gonna chop his balls
    his penis and then let him scream. when he is done im gonna put him on fire
    and keep saying “BURN MOTHERFUCKER”


  6. nvm i got the way of uninstalling it just use hitmanpro it delets
    everything that is virus or trojan or anything for 30 days free

  7. for google chrome : click menu in top right corner> tools> extensions> (if
    it says you have no extensions go to settings> scroll to bottom click show
    advanced settings> click reset browser settings!! FUCK YOU DELTA BITCH

  8. Maybe they changed the name, look for a command which contains something
    with “rundll32.exe” and something behind it. (there must be one that only
    contains rundll32.exe) If you find something like this
    ‘C:WINDOWSsystem32rundll32.exe “C:Documents and
    SettingsBleepingApplication DataBabSolutionSharedNTRedirect.dll”,Run’
    then remove it from the startup list. (I got delta search from a program
    called “babylon” => babsolutions)

  9. Thank you so so so so so so so so much you just made my day thank you so so
    so so so so much i love you (not homo)

  10. Yeah, I make these to help people who don’t know how to remove them or
    don’t know there fake, they can get a bit samey after a while.

  11. you could make a video how to remove cryptolock ransomware. Thank you for
    instructional videos that you make.

  12. Brian i saw you did a video about VBA32 Antirootkit and you said would do a
    video where we really see it in action, is there any chance you can make a
    about video about it? 🙂 And great video by the way, keep up good the good
    work 🙂 Have a nice day. 🙂

  13. thanks britec but none of your videos worked. i had no safe mode and could
    not remove manually even with kapersky and another system rescue disk.
    after 3 days of stress i figured it out. logon like normal hit windows and
    type create new account. if you hover the cursor over the small screen on
    the bottom you can press a key once. so type a one letter user name then
    the screen will go back to the ransomware page so hover cursor over the
    small screen on the bottom again and press tab key repeat

  14. britec you are a major help I liked all your vids and subscribed I also
    like using the computer a lot

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