25 thoughts on “How to remove Viruses and Spyware manually – Part 1 of 2”

  1. @exids Another challenge is try manually search and remove a registry
    script viruses from the registry editor. there are many viruses out there
    that exact explicit scripts in to your registry editor so, many people
    might think a virus is purely gone but in reality there are some virus that
    come in forms of scripts that hide in your registry editor. By the way I’m
    a Computer Science college student we make real virus programs in the class
    room for ethical security reasons of learning.

  2. ahhhhh this is so fucking gayyyy!!! This fuckin virus disabled my flash
    player so i cant watch any of these fucking vids!

  3. hey i got a really bad viruses i think, like i cant even see my desktop its
    all blue, every 10 secs something pops up saying u got 35 viruses… and
    saying it can steal credit card info, i cant download anything and cant
    even load some programs i have, i can only go on internet,umm i dont know
    anything bout computers really so if anyone can please explain to me like
    in a simple way to do remove viruses please help me lol

  4. Man this is tricky. I just used a spyware cleaner to take care of
    everything. Use this one and you won’t need to do this the hard way:

  5. What do I do when I can’t access that . I have this window that pops up its
    call Microsoft Security Essentials Alert . My detected item is “Unknown
    Win32/Trojan” Alert level SEVERE . Idk how to remove it when i press and
    click it won’t do a thing please someone Respond Quickly im freaking out .
    And I can’t get in that cmd omfg helppp !

  6. @exids Also noteworthy is that Process Explorer, which is Microsoft
    software, can replace the Task Manager for future use.

  7. Hi, i knw its been a year now since you posted your problem with your main
    computer. so, im jst wondering if you got it fixed yet.

  8. i just made a malware discovery called mom its from a paypal keygen fake
    dont download any hacks or keygens it was so anoying crap was playing in
    the background and guess what it was called. MOM.exe respond if the same
    happend to you.

  9. HELP!sometimes…my desktop turns blue and it doesn’t respond…it had
    happened three times by now and i’m afraid that it’ll happen again!any hint?

  10. im kinda fucked over here . i cant use the task manager , virus fucked it
    up , i cant use run , cant go to the control panel , cant install AVG and i
    get this message everytime i start my computer , “You have been hacked by
    The Dreader , follow these 3 steps or i will kill you computer , 1) make a
    picture of yourself with a note “I have been owned by the dreader ” 2) send
    it to some email , cant remeber it , 3)i will leave you alone . ” Now i
    dont know if this is tureor not , Help is welcome !

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