How To Delete Antivirus 2008 without any programs, for free!!!

I’m going to show you how to completely remove Antivirus 2008 without any programs and without having to pay for things. im sorry people…this DOES work tho…

Maybe someone out there think that their systems are safe when anti-virus programs are installed and the firewall is enabled. However, it is not true. This v…

34 thoughts on “How To Delete Antivirus 2008 without any programs, for free!!!”

  1. Yep! I did the same thing and now that it got rid of the virus, it wont get
    rid of the red ball with the “x” in the middle.

  2. You know I just looked at this video because I had that on my computer
    before… I wish I had known about these programs and/or methods b4 I wiped
    my hard drive. 🙁

  3. My dog is more articulate than you are… What an amazing piece of bull
    manure you have created. But looking at the ‘these are amazing’ comments
    reminds me how these infections spread so rapidly…

  4. ok heres a big big question why would you want to delete anit-virus 2009
    its a lovely program all u get is a wallpaper bakcground change pop ups 5
    programs or up to 8 installed onto desktop and pop ups every 1 minute.
    WHY!!!! ANSWERE ME!!!!!! (its a joke)

  5. Does it retain your original file after it delete all those crap?maybe u gt
    write inside but i nver see so forgiv me if u guys think i saying crap so
    ans me?

  6. Yeah the other guy had said it’s gonna have some random names, so you gotta
    find out which files are good for your computer or fake in task manager’s
    Process. What I did is just scroll the mouse over some random files and see
    when they were created and if they were created the time I got the virus I
    deleted it. Also another help is to have your comp upgraded if it’s Windows
    for example, it’s already programed into your comp for a update.

    workS (IT DIT FOR ME :D:DD:D)

  8. Yeah I know, I think it’s like that for good or for a while. But your
    computer isn’t infected anymore which is the good thing.

  9. But i couldnt find the folder… ~_~ and when i try to remove it by
    control, it said theres no uninstall.exe …. need help pls

  10. this video said it can help you with alot more things, things like bad
    programs. First you have to find the folder in C:Program Files that has
    the security toolbar 7.1 in it. then restart your computer, get into safe
    mode, find the bad folder, delete it. just basically follow my video, but
    with a different bad folder

  11. The easiest way to get this thing off your computer, and it works: 1. Start
    the computer in Safe Mode 2. Do a system restore. That simple. Just doing a
    system restore in normal mode may not be possible because Antivirus 2008
    hijacks the System Restore as well.

  12. that remindsm e of the time my computer was missing it’s boot ini file and
    i had to basicly get a new hard drive

  13. Do NoT do it this way your coputer will BE open to all malware,spyware and
    all sorts of viruses UNTIL YOU FIX THE ISSUE

  14. Go to your picture Folder, right click on the picture you want to use as a
    backround then click “Set As Backround” That might work, worked for me.

  15. I am very sorry to tell you that the said Trojan Injected PuTTY program is
    scanned by Norton Anti-Virus 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 (with fully
    updated to April 28,2012) and it is still undetectable.

  16. If you really want protection, just use a sandboxed environment, much safer
    and they use way less resources. Google sandboxie people… No need to keep
    buying updates either, or changing rules and keeping. The best way to stay
    safe is to keep programs isolated from your operating system / memory pool.

  17. LMAO, yes they are useless. They only protect against old threats. The
    thing they are best at is slowing down your computer. That and most users
    who have them don’t know how to configure them so they usually delete their
    files and keep them offline and angry lol.

  18. AVG is very shitty, bad AV Prog….its easy to bypass this programms
    loool… Kaspersky & Norton are the BEST, the rest is not good for
    protection and useless, even against low trojans

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