FBI Scam !! Moneypak Virus removal easy technique 100% Working Method.

The FBI Moneypak virus (FBI virus, Citadel Reveton) is ransomware disguised as the FBI that uses Trojans (Trojan.Ransomlock.R) to lock computer systems. How …
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25 thoughts on “FBI Scam !! Moneypak Virus removal easy technique 100% Working Method.”

  1. This virus made me think about my life and thought oabout any wrong things
    I did. Thank god its just a virus….

  2. you can also just run a new program like steam community and do a shutdown
    and press cancel
    or just delete your history and done

  3. Oh thank god it’s a scam! I thought the FBI was hunting me down… I was
    freaking out bad! Thank goodness my Dad said it was all a scam/virus. Oh
    wait, now I gotta protect my computer from more viruses.

  4. Not to butt-in here, but I ran across this virus a couple years ago, and
    got rid of it fairly easily – and while these instructions are pretty good,
    there is a way to simplify it.
    First; shut down your computer completely -even if you have to pull the
    plug out of the wall.
    Second; disconnect from the internet.
    Third; after a couple minutes restart, holding or tapping F8 to get into
    SAFE MODE.–And I do mean SAFE MODE. –Not SAFE MODE with Networking –Not
    SAFE MODE with Command Prompt –Not SAFE MODE with Raisins….
    Fourth; go to Start> All Programs> Startup and delete the file this virus
    dropped in there [In my case it was “ctfmon.Ink”, but apparently names such
    as ‘rundl’ and ‘reveton’ are also related to it] It may be different now,
    but look for anything new or unfamiliar….If in doubt, remove everything
    in the folder and store it into a desktop folder.
    [It was easy in my case because I keep my startup folder dead empty, thus
    ANYTHING in it doesn’t belong there – be honest…there’s nothing that
    actually NEEDS to be there, and anything you do want there can be put back
    in later] {also, been told that the cftmonInk may just be floating among
    the other programs rather than in the startup folder}
    –The point is; it seems to be this thing in the startup folder, with a
    live internet connection, that actually locks up the computer. Remove it
    and the viruse’s components may remain, but they don’t activate [unless
    maybe you accidentally click on one]
    In any case, having isolated/deleted that, you should be able to restart
    your computer and reconnect to the internet without the viruses ‘lock’
    coming on – and thus should be able to repair the problem without creating
    a new user profile. {btw, Malwarebyte is a good recommendation}

  5. Yo, to everyone that has tried all options to get rid of this virus. The
    makers of this particular virus keep updating and changing this virus to
    make it way more complicated to get rid of. like not being able to boot in
    safe mode. if you tried everything and your just fed up then do this, after
    backing up your files, you can reset your computer to an factory reset,
    your computer will be like new again! so back up everything if possible.
    Just do this one step =
    Restart your computer and press ctrl+f11 and follow the steps. Everything
    is now gone including the virus, but at least you get a fresh computer

  6. i got this virus months ago clicking on a usual site i go to. its never
    happened before on this site? does anyone maybe know why? (this is a gaming
    website called ROBLOX.com)

  7. Oh thankyou God n heaven i just removed it. I was thinking about how i
    would terminate my life. This is fucking horrible I hope the people who
    made this virus burn in hell 

  8. Nasty virus. I managed to bypass it and get rid of it. I managed to trick
    the virus by faking that I was shutting down the computer but I cancelled
    the shut down and BAM! Got rid of the sucker.

  9. Words cannit describe the sheer terror I experienced. My face turned beet
    red, my mouth got dry and my heart started beating really fast. My whole
    body was shaking. I could barely move and thought I was going to have a
    heart attack. I have never been that scared in my life fuck!!!

  10. Check out my channel i have a video that will let you remove the fbi virus
    in two minutes without having to restart your computer

  11. This is just as bad, you download all of their software then run the scan
    only to be told at the end you need to buy their product to remove the
    threats. SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Question: Do you think I have the virus or not?… i got this FBI moneypak
    pop up window (with some other random ones). When I went to close it out,
    the usual firefox pop up came up asking if I wanted to “leave the page” or
    “stay on the page”. I clicked leave and nothing happened. I also hit the X
    to close it and nothing happened. The pop-up window would not close (I
    could minimize it and whatnot)… I also could run Maleware Bytes and
    Norton, open task manager, change my background, open other things etc. I
    didn’t see any funky business going on in my task manager at the time
    either. My screen was not “locked” or “blocked” or “white” (as some other
    commenters referred to it) etc in any way (is the “locked screen at 0:11sec? if so that did not appear either). I logged out and the pop up closed
    itself out and logged in without any problems. The pop-up did not return
    upon login or when i opened my browser again. I’m going to run M.Bytes,
    Norton etc, but I was wondering if i even got the virus. I don’t think so,
    but I wanted another opinion. thanks.

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