Emsisoft Anti-Malware – Test

How good Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Latest build version) ?? Check out this video. Watch whole video guys. and, Follow my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!…

Emsisoft antimalware review

testing Emsisoft antimalware review against some really tough threats.please comment,rate and subscribe!

33 thoughts on “Emsisoft Anti-Malware – Test”

  1. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a great security solution and it is among
    the best ones in ther martket. Thanks a lot mate for another great review!

  2. No. it’s safe actually. 🙂 dont worry. I ever use that before. and thanks
    for watch and comment

  3. if you want you can also watch my test about your combo. search it 🙂
    thanks for watch and comment have a great day

  4. No, thank you 🙂 You take time out to make videos and it’s not something
    that you have to do, but you do it anyway 🙂 For that, thank you! Best AV
    tester 🙂

  5. watch other videos guys. if you miss them 😉 sorry for delaying. I was got
    problems :/ thanks and have a great day

  6. Cool test! Just one question, though. Is Real Player Really a Virus if
    downloaded from the Official website?

  7. Emsisoft Anti=Malware is a very good security solution, The only downside
    in my opinion is the high computer’s usage resources in certain moments.
    Thanks a lot for your review!

  8. @victorh2007 yeah.you are right if they would decrease the performance
    impact and reduce prices they could take a much better share of the av

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