17 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Multi Virus Cleane FULL VERSION FREE”

  1. Wait what? Please put that into layman’s terms so I can understand it. When
    you say create another user, do you mean another PC administrator or
    another profile? Or did you mean create another Youtuber profile? I was
    exceedingly confused by your post….and how would one find and delete
    every single trace of the virus? Doesn’t it just multiply once it’s deleted
    like worm-ware does?

  2. Someone please help. Okay, let’s say that I have baby pictures, a wedding
    video, or something on my computer that I just cannot let go by using the
    system restore!!! I have watched a 100 of these FBi virus removal videos
    and all of them basically tell you to break your computer and then restore
    just to remove the virus! There has got to be a better way…..I mean
    whipping out all of your memory and then restoring it to its out of box
    state? Is there a way to manually remove the virus?

  3. Daryl – YOU ROCK!! I’ve been battling with this, and all the others skip
    that crucial step of entering ‘explorer’ in the CMD – THANK YOU BRO’ – I’ve
    got my computer back! Tim (sttl609)

  4. Thank you so much man you really saved my butt. I couldn’t even boot into
    safe mode without my computer shutting down. Helped alot. You deserve alot
    more subscribers.

  5. What videos did you watch? Create another user if you don’t have one and
    log in. Then download your choice of AV software and delete all traces of
    the virus. You’re done! You’re welcome 🙂

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