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Top 10 Best Desktop Computers

Top 10 Best Desktop Computers
If you are in the market for a new desktop computer, you know that the number of choices available is staggering. We know how difficult it can be to wade through all of the information, so we have put together a list of the Top 10 best desktop computers. This list should give you a better idea of the type of computer you want, while giving you a broad range of companies to select from. So, without further ado, let’s check out the computers that make the grade.

#10 – Lenovo 3000 J Series: These computers are geared towards families, and they combine the power of AMD 64 processors with the function of a 250MB Hard Drive. Priced at less than $ 800, these systems clock in as a real crowd pleaser.

#9 – Fujitsu Esprimo C: This is one of the smallest desktops available on the market, and it is also one of the sleekest. These machines can be tailored to your individual needs, and will not disappoint.

#8 – Alienware Area 51 Series: These great looking machines offer unparalleled performance to even the most serious game enthusiasts. The graphics and sound capabilities coupled with the speed of Intel 4 processing make this a must have for those who want a desktop that entertains.

#7 – emachines D5039: Hands down, this desktop is the best value on the market. Emachines is a well repected PC company that has the family in mind, and does a great job of offering amazing products at unbeatable prices. This unit contains everything you need to get started – definitely worth a look (or two!).

#6 – Sony Vaio RB60: This desktop from Sony comes bundled with a lot of cool Sony software, and it also comes equipped with a 17″ LCD display. This is a perfect choice for those wanting a great entertainment PC that also handles work and internet. This product is definitely a solid choice.

#5 – Compaq Presario Series: These computers are very affordable and very reliable. Compaq Presario desktops are the perfect choice for families, and come standard with everything you need to instantly start surfing the web.

#4 – HP Pavilion Series: A much underrated desktop line, the HP Pavilion series features dual core processors, which make multi-tasking a breeze. They also offer easy memory expansion as well as some of the sharpest graphic and sound cards in the business.

#3 – Apple iMac: When it comes to music and video capabilities, the Apple iMac desktop is second to none. Macs are quickly gaining steam in the computer race, and with good reason. You won’t be sorry giving this one a try.

#2 – Gateway DX310 Series: Dual core processors mean this unit is just as fast as other higher priced competitors. Gateway offers amazing customer support, and also has some of the most generous rebate offers in the business. In addition, they make it very easy to earn free upgrades. Do yourself a favor and give Gateway a look.

#1 – Dell XPS 400: This computer tops our list for many reasons. The only thing you need to know is that it look great, it runs amazingly fast (and quiet), and it comes bundled with a 19″flat screen monitor. All of this for under $ 1000 makes the Dell XPS one sweet deal.

This list of the Top 10 best desktop computers should make buying your next computer a quick and painless process. In fact, considering how great these desktop computers are, you might just find yourself wanting to take more than one home! Have fun!

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Remote Computer Support, the Best Mode for Computer Virus Removal

Remote Computer Support, the Best Mode for Computer Virus Removal

Computer viruses spread from one computer to another and that interferes with the computer operation. A computer virus may corrupt or delete data permanently from the computer hard disk. But the tech support experts can provide you with virus removal assistance at really affordable prices.


The way a computer virus infiltrates your PC depends on the type of virus it is. All computer viruses have their own features and factors that make them unique and dangerous to the health of their computer. Due to many different types of computer viruses, it can be confusing at times to diagnose what kind of virus your computer is infected with. To make the identifying process easier, the tech support experts have listed three basic types of viruses that you will likely encounter. These computer viruses include: Trojan Horses, Worms and Email Viruses.


Trojan Horses: Trojan virus once on your system, doesn’t reproduce, but instead makes your computer susceptible to malicious intruders by allowing them to access and read your files. This type of virus is extremely dangerous for your computer’s security and privacy. According to the qualified technicians you should avoid downloading programs or files from the site if you are not positive of what the file or program does.


Worms: A worm multiplies itself by using computer networks. They usually attack multi-user systems and can spread over corporate networks via the circulation of emails. To protect yourself from worms, you should update your security patches. Operating systems and application vendors normally provide these patches. In addition, you should avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders.


Email Viruses: An email virus can automatically forward itself to thousands of people, depending on whose email address it attacks.  According to tech support experts, you should always check that your anti-virus is up-to-date. The tech support experts recommend installing Spam filter and Spam Blocker to block unwanted email viruses.


Computer viruses continue to make up a considerable and growing percentage of the cyber malware threat. Fortunately, most of the viruses are easily detected and dealt by the experts and effective methods for eliminating them are often developed as soon as the viruses are discovered. Once you consult a remote computer support, the qualified professionals run a complete scan of your computer and quarantine it. They also design a robust defense system for your precious computers and do not let the virus to sap the productivity of your computer.


The tech support experts can install and update your PC with the latest anti-virus software. They can scan your PC and laptop to detect any malicious virus, spyware and malware. This helps to restore the functionality of your system. They also set up a firewall in your system and safeguard your machine against the hackers of sensitive and personal information.

For instant removal of computer viruses you can always seek the assistance of the computer support experts who are available at your service 24/7. There are many such computer repair services available in the market.

Computer Repairs Shop Fixing Your Computers and Laptops

Computer Repairs Shop Fixing Your Computers and Laptops

Today, people are using many types of computers.  Even companies, universities and schools and private residences have their own individual computer and software.  Since it is use daily, breaking down could never be prevented. Data loss, problem with a partition, virus infection and hard drive crashing could be some of the potential issues regarding with computers.

Even if you are at home or at work, computers have become a very essential part in you.  Businesses are totally dependent on the computers. Companies around the world are manufacturing computers since it is of great demand globally.  Though computers make our lives easy but if it suddenly stops working then we may not feel better.  If this happens, hire immediately some computer repairs company that can fix everything and turn back your computer to its good condition.  Virus attacks are pretty common if you are using internet and these virus attacks can be pretty serious as well.

If you own a computer, you basically aware of the fact that computer repairs is a requirement. There are several computer support repair orders currently being processed by Bat Tech Computer Repairs which include data recovery support, water damage, hard-drive replacement, noisy system and CPU fans, power issues, windows boots up issues, unexpected error messages, virus and  spyware removal and ongoing protection, laptop keyboard replacement, LCD screen repairs or replacement, CD/DVD Drive Repair or upgrade, Laptop not turning on or charging and software and installation.

Bat Tech can repair and upgrade all brands and models of computer PC as well as laptops such as HP Compaq Presario, Apple Mac, Macbook Pro, Sony, Dell, IBM Lenovo, Thinkpad and a lot more.  Do you have problem with damage parts of your computers?  Bat Tech Computer Repairs will replace damaged parts and provide support on all computer PC component level repairs on laptop, server, computer, notebook, motherboards and main boards.

You can easily get your computer fixed from the nearest computer repair shop.  Though many computers break down everyday but there are also thousands of computer repairs and experts who can do the repair with just an affordable price.  There are also a team of computer experts who are ready to repair any damage of your computer.


Of your computer repair concerns, just visit , Bat Tech Computer Repairs have all the expert computer technicians that will carry out the repairs of your laptops and computers.

Computer Support London

Computer Support London

Cost effective Computer Support London for small to medium businesses

Who looks after the IT in your business? Do you find that you spending large chunks of your time trying to sort out minor and sometimes, major problems that are related to your computerised systems?  Just for once wouldn’t it be nice to have comprehensive Computer Support London in place leaving you free to get on with running your business?  Why get dragged into having to deal with your networks when Computer Support London can do this on your behalf.  Want a flexible service that responds to your unique needs?  The Computer Support London can provide you with cost-effective solutions throughout the year.  Need performance monitoring on a regular basis?  Let the Computer Support London handle it from now on.

Who provides the Computer Support London?

A specialist computer services company that has been in operating since 2002.  Want a tailored solution that works wonders for your business?  It sounds like you need Computer Support London.  Tired of talking on the phone to supposed IT experts?  You won’t have this worry with the Computer Support London.  They can enhance your current systems, provide remote support when it’s needed and conduct site visits if this is necessary. Need your system upgrading? No problem.  It’s all in a day’s work for the experts in Computer Support London.  Their highly responsive service is just what your business needs to optimise its computer operations.  Make life easier for yourself and leave your network niggles for the Computer Support London specialists to sort out.

Seeking to build a network infrastructure from scratch?

Have a chat with the Computer Support London experts.

They really want to help. Low maintenance systems can be fully supported by the computer services company and they’ll be a positive boost to your business.  You might have remote workers, banks of workers and multiple sites that needs servicing with specialist Computer Support London.  Have no fear; your business can receive the highest level of customer service with comprehensive Computer Support London.  Whether you want upgrades or simply have a query about your servers, Computer Support London can provide you with the solutions that you desire. is a computer services company that provides Computer Support London to small and medium businesses. Visit our site for more information.

Trading Computers Guide: How to Compare Trading Computers

Trading Computers Guide: How to Compare Trading Computers

Hello My Name is Eddie Z, I’ve been trading the stock market and other financial markets for over 20 years. Additionally I have been building, testing and configuring trading computers, stock trading computers and multi monitor trading computers since the first day I need real time data. As a full time electronic markets trader and computer nerd, I offer traders a unique perspective into trading computers.


A question I get asked all the time is: How do I compare trading computers? It’s a very good question. There are a lot of trading computer companies out trying to sell you hardware that you may or, in many cases, may not need. Many websites that focus on trading computers, stock trading computers and multi monitor trading computers give you so many options that it is very easy to get confused.


The main factors in evaluating trading computers are: Processing Power, Quality of the Components, Technical Support and Warranty Provided and of course Price. Let’s look at each.


Processing Power:When it comes to multi monitor trading computers, traders should never ever skimp on processing power. Generally, Traders should obtain the highest level of processing power that they can afford. In addition to considering the power of the processor itself, important consideration must be given to the motherboard chipset used and thetype of the hard drives used. Be wary of builders of trading computers that do not disclose motherboard manufacturer or chipsets used. They are most probably using questionable quality, inexpensive boards in an effort to make more money.


Quality of Components:Traders need to be aware of the various components that go into trading computers and stock trading computers.It is even more important to understand know which brand names are the best, have the best manufacturers warranties and which ones have the least possibility of failure.


Technical Support & Warranty:Most computer builders and manufacturers these days only provide 1 Year of technical support.

Usually, as most of us already know, that tech support is handled by an overseas outsourced company and communication is notoriously difficult. Ideally, tech support should be US based and have a complete understanding of your trading computer configuration and how trading software functions on a trading computer. When it comes to the warranty, most trading computer companies provide 1 Year. Generally speaking, most make you pay for additional years of warranty. As a trader, you should be careful when dealing with a company that doesn’t back its machines or charges you extra for service that should come with the trading computer.


Price:Price is always an important factor when considering a major purchase. The absolute lowest available price should not be only criteria for purchase.


In conclusion, you must do your research before spending thousands of dollars on trading computers, stock trading computers or multi monitor trading computers. All of the above factors must be weighed equally to determine what trading computer is the best value. If you are a trader, it’s of the utmost importance that you know what components go in to your machine so that you don’t get ripped off due to lack of know-how. There are trading computer companies out there that are willing to rip off traders who don’t do their research!

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