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Grow Your Business With Krishnan And Associates Energy Consulting Firm

Grow Your Business With Krishnan And Associates Energy Consulting Firm

If current and future growth is the motivation driving your current business strategy, Krishnan and Associates should be your number one choice for energy consulting firms. Powered by the expertise of over 70 years’ collective experience, K&A provides world-wide marketing, market analysis, recruitment and M&A services to companies in the energy and power industries. Their highly-trained marketing professionals specialize in sourcing key market data and distributing it to their clients, helping them to optimize opportunities, get an edge over their competition, and fuel optimal growth well into the future.

Changing Opportunities

In today’s rapidly changing trade environment, market dynamics have become extraordinarily involved and unpredictable. Seemingly indomitable multinationals that once lorded over the marketplace have all but disappeared while upstarts continually jostle to take their place. In such a volatile business environment, knowledge remains the key to success. Through their network of contacts, K&A energy consulting firm sources the latest technological advances and newest innovations. They then tailor their solutions and strategies to ensure their clients’ sustained growth, regardless of market fluctuations. Where others see change, K&A sees opportunity.

The X-Factor

As a well-respected energy consulting firm with global experience, Krishnan and Associates knows that any number of factors can fuel growth – factors such as capital, leads, customers, information, opportunities and sales. K&A also knows there’s an X-factor, an indefinable, invaluable, crucial something that separates the merely successful from the industry leaders.

Each company’s X-factor is different, and the experts at Krishnan and Associates work together with you as a team to discover your company’s unique edge. They’ll also examine your entire business strategy in depth to make sure you’re making the right moves and investments for your company’s optimal growth.

Present and Future Vision

The K&A mandate is not simply to help your company function profitably in the energy industry but to guide it into building a strong market presence that will serve you both now and into the future. From their vast storehouse of knowledge and experience, Krishnan and Associates knows that companies are often so busy servicing their clients and engaged in completing projects, they give little thought to maximizing their true growth potential. Whether from lack of time or from limited resources, neglecting this critical aspect of your company’s operations can have serious negative growth-related ramifications.

Industry’s Best

K&A professionals rank amongst the brightest and best energy consultants in the business. Their commitment is to deliver effective, quality solutions that meet or exceed expectations. Each of their services is tailored to help companies move past growth bottlenecks and operate optimally. Their goal is to ensure that no profitable opportunities are missed and that every opportunity is capitalized upon. With their in-depth technical knowledge, sound business judgment and proprietary tools and techniques, they’ll put your business on course towards sustained growth and maximized profitability.

Contact Information

Headquartered in Stamford, CT and with offices in the Mumbai, India, K&A serves an ever-expanding global clientele. For more information on how the energy consulting team at Krishnan and Associates can fuel your company’s growth, visit their website at krishnaninc or email them at

Krishnan & Associates is a full service technical & energy consulting firm to the Power Industry that provides market analysis, research, executive recruitment & marketing services to the Energy industry.

Tackle all your business issues with IT Consulting and Services

Tackle all your business issues with IT Consulting and Services

With today’s economy every business wants to play safe and no one would want to take a risk when it concerns their business. In order to play safe they need efficient IT support that can give them optimum results and improved productivity without any fear of failure. Whether you are a small or a large business, IT consulting can help you change the way you conduct your business. There are many businesses that do not have proper IT work force with complete knowledge of technicalities that can greatly affect the business in future. With such a stiff global competition, one cannot wait for mishaps to happen and then take a step to re-create a business. This is when local IT consulting and services come into picture who can rescue you from all kinds of IT issues. These consulting firms enhance your business performance by offering their services to help you plan, they also allow you to outsource you products and services effectively. Businesses can get in there with their local consulting but need to select providers that are professional and have offered remarkable services in the past. It is always important to go through the past experiences of an IT service before you hire them. With growing development the demand of Managed IT services NY is increasing speedily. They help you expand your business by bringing you the best prospects in the industry. These services are now gaining popularity because they assist business in smooth functioning and entrepreneur can invest the same time in taking care of other features. There is a lot that managed IT service does, they take care of the business continuity, improved operational competence and disaster recovery.

A sound IT network empowers businesses to meet the challenges of daily life where you have numerous threats surrounding your IT security like Hackers, worms, Viruses etc. Larger the business more is the threat to IT system for which IT services design the most effective business plan that helps the business to grow. No matter how hard one tries, you cannot avoid the unexpected failures in terms of PC crash, backup, security, network failure and servers. Your managed IT services should be capable enough to offer Backup and Recovery Solution. Businesses keep the most important data on their system and no one would want to lose them during the time of crisis. Data backup recovery have proved beneficial for business for the reason that they recover all the lost data and helps you back up data for future and for compliance reasons. Data is the most valuable asset of a business and to make use of it effectively it would be ideal to seek help from professional IT service provider. Some of the IT solutions providers assist you with almost all the aspects of information technology that includes e-mails, networking, web hosting, hardware and software support, storage of data and much more. With such specialized services nothing can go wrong but in case of natural disaster you wouldn’t lose anything.

Hi, I am Albert. Here, I am currently define business and IT related services like IT consulting and Services, Backup & Recovery Solutions, Corporate Identity Design, Business Continuity etc.

Consult Dallas Tx Computer Repair Center To Make Your Pc Work Like A New

Consult Dallas Tx Computer Repair Center To Make Your Pc Work Like A New
Its certainly annoying if you find your computer is not working or running very sluggishly. Thinking how to fix the issue, whether to call a technician to your home or take your computer to a PC repair shop. Well, without doing any of these, you can make your computer work like a brand new. How? Just get in touch with a Dallas TX computer repair service provider that offers remote tech support.

Remote computer support is rapidly taking a hold in todays high-tech realm. This is one of the best options as you dont need to take your PC to a repair shop and then wait for days to get it repaired. Instead, these computer repair companies remotely connect PCs with remote desktop sharing software and fix the issues.

If your computer is performing very slowly, there could be a number of reasons. It might be infected by viruses, spyware or any other malicious objects, or there may be registry issues or anything else. To resolve the issue, first it is required to go to the root of the problem. But most of the computer users dont have expertise and adequate experience to perform this task. So, the best option is to talk to a remote computer repair center.

Most of the online computer repair companys tech support is offered through a free or fix it policy. This means, you will be charged only then when your computer problem is fixed. So, you can be rest assured about the service. Another benefit of this mode of computer repair is that it is pocket friendly. You can avail their service at a very convenient price. For instance, there are companies that offer comprehensive tech support for 2 computers at only $ 19.99 per month.

24/7 availability of services is another great advantage of online computer repair. So, you can get assistance anytime be it late at night or early in the morning. Services are delivered by Microsoft, CCNA, Red Hat and Apple certified engineers. Another notable feature is that online technicians aim to offer outstanding services. Whatever the problem is, big or small, it is taken care of with same amount of expertise and attention.

PC users are offered end-to-end solution for all types of computer problems by the remote computer service providers. These include system tune-ups, virus removal, fixing internet issues, registry issues, driver issues, and spyware removal, etc. They not only remove all the existing problems of your computer but also boost your PC security so that you can enjoy hassle-free and secure computing year round. You dont need to worry about regular PC maintenance as they will do the job for you.

There is no dearth of online computer services companies in Dallas that offers PC repair services to the computer users. By exploring internet you can find a reliable service provider and opt for their computer support plan.

The Ideal Information Technology Careers for a Computer Consultant

The Ideal Information Technology Careers for a Computer Consultant

If you’re a computer professional who’s able to maintain a small business network, I’m sure you’re aware that you have several information technology careers available to you.

You can work for a large corporation as their in-house network administrator or IT Support rep… or you can try to find employment from a mid to large size MSP or IT Support provider, where you provide consulting service to your boss’ clients.

Either one of these options could make for a fine career… if you are lucky enough to land a position with a strong, healthy company with room for growth and a decent management team to work for.

Unfortunately, we’re all aware how difficult the job market is now and tough it could be to find a solid position with ANY company, let alone one that can provide you with security, growth options and a truly pleasurable work environment.

The good news is that someone with your skills, where you’re able to maintain a small business network, has one of the absolute best Information Technology Careers available to you.

You could start your own computer business and reap the full benefits that come with being your own boss.

Starting a computer consulting business is actually one of the easiest businesses to get off the ground today.

Startup investment is truly minimal. The utilities you will need to provide an outstanding level of service to your small business customers, such as round-the-clock network monitoring and remote computer support are incredibly affordable. Many excellent utilities can even be had absolutely free!

Your services are also in great demand right now as well.

Small businesses have never been more open to finding affordable, reliable ways to support their computer systems… and an Independent Computer Consultant represents the absolute best, most cost-effective IT Support option available.

If a small business owner is looking for ways to maintain the network, the options are to do it himself, which is not cost-effective at all, if he’s even technically capable of doing the work… he can have one of his employees pull double-duty doing the IT work in addition to the regular daily tasks that are their primary role (also very cost-inefficient and odds are this employee won’t be able to do all the required IT work very effectively)… he can hire an in-house network administrator, which can be very expensive… or he can outsource to a large MSP or IT Support Firm, which will also probably be somewhat costly and unless this business owner proves to be a very lucrative client for the IT Firm, the client will likely not receive the dedicated level of care they would hope for.

An Independent Computer Consultant however is able to provide the same level of managed support that a larger MSP could provide, but with a greater level of attention to the client and at a much lower cost.

This is because the Independent Computer Consultant can operate very profitably with a small client base, and can work with much lower overhead than with his larger competitors.

In fact, an independent consultant is easily able to generate a revenue of over $ 66K (greater than the average salary for a New York network administrator), while serving a tiny client base of only four small business clients, making this easily one of the most preferred Information Technology Careers available to an IT Technician who has the necessary skills.

If you’d like to see exactly how this can be achieved quickly and easily, with little to zero startup investment, please check out the free videos I’ve put together on my website.

I invite you to discover the massive rewards that await you when you start your own highly successful computer consulting business. Give yourself the ultimate advantage by arming yourself with the exact same tools, IT marketing materials, templates and personalized training that have helped hundreds of Independent Computer Consultants to fire their bosses and create a life of personal and financial freedom.

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Avoid Higher Computer Consultant Costs by Using 11 Point Checklist

Avoid Higher Computer Consultant Costs by Using 11 Point Checklist

How well your computer consultant understands your business computer requirements determine your total computer consulting costs by minimizing midstream changes, corrections and additions. Things not fully clarified can get altered or totally omitted, requiring more costly labor to correct or redesign.

Don’t leave it to chance. Here is a checklist that covers the key areas to clarify for yourself and your computer consultant before discussion starts:

A list of the things you need to keep track of in your database and how they relate to each other is a good start but here is a more complete list to make sure nothing is falls between the cracks between you and your computer consultant.

1. What are your major categories of data and what specific data is stored under each category. Listing out your various business processes, and the steps required to accomplish them will help answer this.

2. How will want to filter your data to get a just what you need for a report or a screen view.

3. Any examples of reports or other output you may need or are currently using. (Microsoft Word can be used to illustrate a report design.)

4. Define what data validation or business rules are needed during data entry.

5. Any special requirements involving linking to or importing data from data sources outside of your business software.

6. Any financial accounting requirements or other legal / liability issues requiring additional data storage and output.

7. What kind of hardware system exists and is anyone supporting this.

8. Will data access require any remote access permissions?

9. The level of security access required for various areas of data viewing and editing among the individuals given permissions.


Current data entry media and formats currently being used if any exist.

11. Any data migration requirements from existing data sources, such as available formats form these sources

I can tell you that a consultant’s time might not always be billable on that first consultation, but he or she will appreciate the business owner who is prepared and can answer these basic questions.

I have found that it’s rare that a business owner is sufficiently prepared to start a discussion in this area unless these points have been thought out.

If you have had any experiences with computer business consultants that went sour or did not meet expectations, your comments and lessons learned are welcome. We all need to learn more about this vital area and that includes me.

Bob Heifler

Bob Heifler