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Sap Consulting

Sap Consulting
Anywhere you go, big and small companies need people to run their businesses. These resources are hired based on their skills, experience and level of expertise on the specified job description. However there are instances that the required skills are not covered in the business structure and that these can only be achieved by contacting a third party. For projects that require SAP background, an SAP consulting company can provide the people a company needs. However, not all consulting companies are accredited with SAP as subsidiaries and because of this, only a few are given the prestige to be considered as subsidiaries. To be accredited as an SAP subsidiary requires accreditation that will assess the capacity of the company to provide qualified and experience professionals. This way, the credibility and reputation of SAP is maintained without regard of geographical locations.

SAP is a vast technology that can be customized according to the specifications of the business. The different modules it offers provide this flexibility for updates and upgrades. There are some businesses that get their inputs from the consultations provided by an SAP consulting company. Often times, the company provides the expertise on a project basis which is why that SAP consultants are often assigned to different projects at the same time. Throughout the project, planning, assessment and implementation are done to roll out the changes required for efficiency gains. Start-ups and existing businesses alike need this kind of flexibility to push for the changes required in the business.

As a whole, anyone can become one of the prestigious groups of SAP consultants as long as he or she is dedicated with continuous learning and development. An SAP consulting company addresses this need by providing trainings on new updates available as well as certifications for professionals. SAP BI consultants that are backed with certification are more in demand than those who do not have. This is one way of constantly raising the standard for SAP expertise to be globally competitive regardless of organization or business as a client. As different industries continue to advance themselves with their operations and organizational structure, it is important to be adaptable with the changes that globalization brings.

All of these people need to acquire the required SAP knowledge and skills or even SAP certifications through training. Moreover, people need to learn to do business in a totally new way. To define how much SAP training every person needs, a company can make use of a skill set matrix. With this matrix, a manager can identify who possesses what knowledge, to manage and plan training, by defining the height of expertise with a number between e.g. 1 and 4 for each skill for each employee
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Consulting Agency

Consulting Agency
Many times, consulting agencies are precisely required to enhance the fullest potential of a business. Running a corporation has several challenges; however, the good part is that you do not have to do it alone. Services provided by good agencies will help iron out any unnecessary wrinkles and recognize areas you could further enhance for the overall betterment of your business.

Finding a Management Agency:

Finding a consulting agency having appropriate business skills isn’t a very easy thing to do. It is obvious that you want the one that can mirror your aspirations and give you appropriate opportunities that may help to achieve your business. Browsing online for the company is sometimes even more difficult, nonetheless, it is something that can be done; given you make use of a profusion of concern before choosing a company offering management services. Being the CEO of the organization, big or small, you will definitely be able to find a consulting agency that meets your specific requirements.

Idea behind Hiring an Agency:

The concept behind employing consultants who furnish business services is that they will help you gain from their specialized abilities and knowledge. The formation of a variety of fresh plans and the execution of diverse methods to operate the business are the solution to a bad success rate of the business. Consulting agencies have particular abilities when it comes to offering business services that examine problems and in helping craft a unique solution to the issue faced by the company.

Although you may just want to make use of management consultants in only one area, this does not mean you can’t exploit them in other domains. Business services offered by these agents may include handling monetary matters, e-business, staffing, human resources, and supply-chain management. Remember, the better the flexibility of the consultant, the more rewards can be driven from their services.

When searching for a good agency, look for the one that guarantees thorough research. Most critical matters require instant solutions and the consultants should be able to promptly access resources for solutions and success. This activity should be a part of the services they provide. Remember, when you are paying so much to these agencies you deserve to get services that are value for your money.

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Delphi Consulting

Delphi Consulting
Delphi programming is a very powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is not only a language but also a development platform. With Delphi consulting you have the choice of porting the codes to the .Net framework or to the linux operating system. Delphi Consulting adds flexibility, speed and eminence to application development. It is a highly productive Rapid Application Development tool. Delphi Consulting makes Windows development tasks faster, better, and easier.

Currently, supporting both the Microsoft .NET Framework and Win32, Delphi 2008 allows you to develop virtually any type of application, including rich client, Web, and Web Service applications. Delphi Consulting builds applications which are lightning fast, compact, provide rich UIs, and can connect with virtually any database or data source. With Delphi application development you can radically reduce development time and build Windows applications up to 5x faster than with other development solutions. It speeds your way from prototype to production with visual drag-and-drop tools and a powerful component library. The powerful Delphi IDE with its visual design surface, extensive component universe and powerful heterogeneous database framework helps to visually design and deliver applications in a fraction of the time. Delphi is the premier development environment that enables to rapidly deliver high performance and easy to maintain software applications. Delphi also provides a comprehensive set of editing, refactoring, and debugging tools in a complete solution focused on making development faster and easier. The powerful Delphi language and compiler deliver high performance and access to all the power and speed of native Windows development. There are many offshore software development who provide Delphi Consulting Services. The Delphi consultants or contractors can deliver customized Delphi solutions to meet your business requirements.

Mindfire Solutions is a pioneer in Delphi Consulting services. We are an Indian software consultant company known for our authoritative capability in offering result-oriented solutions for SMEs across the globe. Mindfire Solutions offers its Delphi Expertise for offshore software development services such as application, process and product design, development, implementation, maintenance, re-engineering, testing and customization. We can develop and deliver Delphi application under your timeline and budget. The services offered by us in Delphi customization services are:

Delphi 5, 6, 7 Application Development
Database Application Development using Delphi
Mobile Application Development using Delphi
Delphi Web development services
Delphi Game development services
Delphi .NET development services
Delphi Enterprise Application Development
Delphi based Product Development
Delphi Application Migration
Delphi Application Support and Maintenance
Delphi application re-engineering

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Colocation Consulting

Colocation Consulting
As an industry leader in managed hosting and information technology services, Colocation America works with leading small and enterprise firms to provide proven consulting services. Working with our team of dedicated IT professionals, firms benefit from our expansive knowledge of data transfer, security, online business and network strategy. Our solid track record of success in helping firms to optimize IT infrastructure planning has earned us clients throughout the world. Look below and find out why Colocation America is the right choice to help you make informed, effective hosting decisions:

Proven Infrastructure, Latest Technology:

In working with our colocation hosting experts, well focus on the ways you can most effectively use new technology to help improve your firms operations. We work with over 200 of the countrys leading Tier-1 IP providers that give us direct connections to help you improve the speed, reliability and security of your data transfer. Whether youre looking for a more economical way to scale your existing IT infrastructure or want to shift to a more cost effective model, we can help you network scale by crafting a custom colocation hosting plan to improve the storage, transfer and security of your data. Our colocation services go well beyond just providing server space: our colocation consulting services provide you with the expertise necessary to ensure both your business and technology needs are met at the same time.

Real Time Support, Lasting Solutions:

As certified network engineers, we understand that your business cant afford to take a minute off: for that reason were here to offer you solutions that stand the test of time. Our data centers are open 24/7/365 (even on leap years) and we craft colocation hosting solutions that provide cost effective, stable infrastructure to meet your business goals. While we pride ourselves on prompt, thorough support, well be here to help support your project through an ongoing, mutually beneficial business relationship. Weve grown to become a leading provider of colocation hosting by fostering long run relationships with blue chip and small businesses, and we offer stability, expertise and reliability to ensure your business needs are fully met.

Local Focus, Global Results:

Our network support engineers work with each client on a custom, one-to-one basis to better understand their business goals. Whether you are a global firm or an expanding local entrepreneur, we can craft a plan that fits ideally with your long run business goals as you grow. We maintain data centers in the heart of some of the largest markets, including our award winning One Wilshire Los Angeles data center as well as San Francisco, New York, Chicago and New Jersey colocation centers to provide access to regional and global markets. As a result, our consultants can work with you to craft a custom colocation hosting plan to ensure 24/7 security, faster data transfer, state of the art backups and a plan to help meet your IT needs as your firm evolves.

Our Plan:

Colocation America will consult with you to better understand your current services, business challenges, future technology needs and selection criteria for choosing a colocation provider. We will then find out your colocation requirements for location, space, power and bandwidth and other factors to make your decision

Once you let us know how quickly you need to be up and running will determine Colocation America to help us match you with the best-fit colo facility in your target region. We will then research your hosting options pulling from services offered by over 300+ quality colocation data center providers by focusing our recommendation around your priorities which may include vendor preferences, price, SLA, solution reputation, region, included features, etc.

Our calculated recommendation to you include projected monthly expenses, transition costs and an explanation of all services and vendors as we may provide one or multiple alternatives to consider depending on your situation.

SMB Consulting criteria

SMB Consulting criteria

Often times, we read business headlines about large companies reorganizing how they attack the small to medium business or SMB channel market. Although it is rarely mentioned the recommendations will typically be made by an SMB consulting company. The SMB consulting firm will make recommendations that can affect many departments of a large company including sales, marketing, distribution, customer service, manufacturing, packaging, and others. Are all of these changes always necessary when a large company attempts to sell to the lucrative smb channel market? The answer is yes, because the smb market represents a complex, fragmented market where most competitors get stuck. Stuck means that they spend a lot of money and resources at the smb channel, but never see a return relative to their expectations.


It is during this period of frustration that a Fortune 1000 or large company will engage an SMB consulting firm to help them better understand why their results are subpar. The smb consultant will examine all aspects of their efforts and give them a variant perspective on why the smb customer is not reaching in to their pocket and purchasing their product or service.


Many times, the lack of understanding of the smb customer is due to the fact that large company executives have never actually operated a small to medium business. The smb consulting company will give the larger company a better grasp on what the smb customer actually wants. It is rare for a large company to actually speak one on one with smb prospects or customers to find out what they really need. Instead, the typical approach is to assume that the smb customer wants to buy the same products other customers in other channels buy.

So, the same exact offering is ported over from the government sales channel, large company sales channel, or even retail / consumer sales channel.  The same offering at the same price point with the same packaging will not resonate with the small to medium business owner. This is the start of the frustrating cycle. It would all be alleviated if the large company strategy was crafted after a core understanding of the smb customers needs and wants.


The smb consulting firm will often explain that smb prospects and customers can be won over with the following criteria:

– SMB customers want products or services that are relevant to their vertical market.

– SMB customers want products or services that will help them grow their revenues.

– SMB customers want products or services that will help them reduce their expenses

– SMB customers want products or services that create a better quality of life for the owner entrepreneur.


Once the above needs are addressed in a product, the smb consulting firm will craft a strategy and help to execute it. It is all done with the goal of increasing the large companies revenues from the small to medium business channel customer. The exercise of discovering what is missing can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. It is a strenuous process because the recommendations will never be easy to implement. The organizations will often ask themselves how committed they really are to the smb channel in order to implement some of the smb consultants recommendations.