25 thoughts on “Advanced Security Tool 2010 Removal Guide”

  1. Hmm…I had experiences with rogues xP not good. I’m going to install
    Windows XP on a virtual machine. How did you get these rogues on the
    computer? Could you send the links to the rogues via PM to me?

  2. @chrislastnamerperson listen to the rouge overview it says ” messes up the
    registry so when you goto safe mode you get a BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death”

  3. @HptProductions what I would do is download the rogue, disable all
    networking in every way possible on the VM so it cannot spread on the
    network, and test it.

  4. @7786777777777777 restart your computer and hit f8 repeadetly,then you will
    see an option tht says go in to safe mode with networking. then download
    and run rkill,then download malwarebytes and run a fucll scan,once it is
    done delete the infected files and restart your comp. start windows
    normally then just delete rkill and malwarebytes if u dont want to keeps

  5. dude i fuckin hate this virus and i cant delete it after i rename itt
    someone help me cuz once i download somthing security tool wont let me open

  6. @TomKTW It’s not as much malicious as it is interfering. Since
    GoogleUpdater.exe is doing things that could hinder removal (downloading
    and modifying files silently), and that it’s really not necessary to be
    running, Rkill takes the liberty to terminate it.

  7. @MrMissingno Although that’s the basic steps for removal, some rogues set
    more obstacles for removal than Rkill/MBAM will be able to handle. For
    example, some rogues will set a local proxy or mess with the HOSTS file.
    These videos may look the same, but it’s the little details and changes
    that makes removal a little tricky.

  8. It seems that many of the removals are the same: Download and run Rkill,
    download and install Malwarebytes and you’re done.

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