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Anti Spyware Software and Why it is Needed

Anti Spyware Software and Why it is Needed

Let’s talk about malicious software, also called malware. malware includes what is commonly known as spyware, adware and computer viruses.

When you read an article recommending software to fix malicious software you should have a basic understanding of what spyware, adware and viruses are and what they can do to your computer. Once you have a basic understanding of what malware is you will understand what steps you need to take to solve the problem and what types of programs to use to solve the problem.

When you find that your computer has been infected by malware you need to know that these programs have been inserted into your computer without your permission. These programs piggy back on other programs or are inserted by an e-mail that should have not been opened, with the intent to disrupt your computer, find and steal your private data like credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and track your Internet activity.

Spyware is written by programmers either for themselves or others who only desire to profit from the computer infection. The person who desires to infect your computer wants to gain access to your computer to use your data. Some types of spyware infect your computer and allow the programmer to use your e-mail account to send out large amounts of spam. By doing so the programmer will not be caught spamming and cannot be prosecuted. A Key Stroke Logger can be installed. This type of spyware will track your Internet activity so that when you enter a credit card or bank account number the programmer can steal that information or track the places you visit on the Internet so that information can be sold to marketers to profit from your activity.

We have all had problems with pop up banners disrupting our computer. This is what is called adware. Adware is technically not included in a definition of malware. The reason most people add adware to malware is that often a computer can be so infected by adware the computer is disrupted to the point that adware is considered a malicious program.

When you start noticing unwanted pop up banners you will notice that your computer may slow down, Internet connection will be slow and network connection may be degraded. Many times spyware and adware will be inserted into your computer at the same time. Spyware will steal your private data or track your Internet usage and adware will convey the usage so that advertising can be directed to your computer.

We have discussed what spyware and adware will do to your computer, now it is time to look at solutions to the problems these programs bring to your computer. Do a search on your favorite search engine for anti spyware software and look at the results. You will find that there are several alternatives that are free to down load and will remove most spyware and adware programs that are harming your computer. Most of the free versions can be updated to a paid version that is more robust and provides more utility.

Software to solve these problems comes in many types. The two main types are different in that one type runs in the background on your computer always checking for malicious software and alerting the user in real time to a problem. The second type works on a scheduled scan that the user sets up and once the scan is completed the user is alerted to problems that can be remedied. The second type is gaining in popularity because it is easier to use and is more convenient.

My name is William Blakemore and I am writing this article for every day people who are having problems with slow computers. I have been using computers for business applications since 1981 when we received our first Apple Computer. Testing Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and scanning it on an infected virtual machine to see what it finds and removing it.